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“Vivaldi’s integrated on-line and on-the-ground efforts delivered a spectacular program and winning results for ECCO’s 2016 collection launch.”


To deliver an event that positions ECCO as a top-of-mind shoe brand for young, fashion-minded digital consumers in Thailand.

To focus heavily on the possibilities afforded by digital PR channels via the engagement of several Key Online Influencers and leading bloggers.

To augment traditional print and TV media partners through their digital departments, working closely
to generate absorbing content for media consumers and fashion consumers.

Due to our client’s urgent need for rapid results, grow-able reach and fast ROI, Vivaldi opted to use a “Very Digital Approach.” We carefully selected from the top of Bangkok’s massively popular blog, Facebook and Instagram leaders and influencers, and worked in harmony to put out exciting content aimed squarely at ECCO’s target market; consumers who are young, urban, affluent, digitally engaged and open to brand exploration.

Vivaldi put together a sizable internal team and leveraged close working partnerships with Thailand’s premier traditional media outlets that also are engaged heavily with growing their own on-line media departments. The amalgam of traditional PR, event management, blogger/digital outreach and social influence management resulted in a memorable program that delivered lasting value, and a client with high satisfaction levels following the launch.