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  1. A journalist

Journalists are both newshounds and storytellers, and so are ideally placed to source, write, edit and by-line authored, written content.


  1. A community manager

Community managers do more than promote and distribute general content; they are responsible for engaging customers and helping to build a thriving community that keeps audience members coming back with regularity. They have a large role in monitoring newsworthy content, and responding to criticisms and suggestions from your followers. The community manager can also assist the staff overall by monitoring ‘hot’ topics and tracking industry trends.


  1. A graphic designer

Eye-catching, expressive or relevant visual content can make even simple or boring stories attractive online, pulling in viewers and giving posts more ‘pop’ magnetism on social media. It’s useful having access to at least a retained designer, someone who can step in on short notice and add the required visual flair to posts, opinion leader content or marketing material you put out.


  1. A video producer

Youtube is now the world’s Number Two search engine behind Google, and all social networks now apply more value and display listing power to video content. This is the way the industry has gone, even for static “photo” sites like Instagram. Having a video production specialist on stand-by, even for the occasional outsourced job, can be beneficial for exploiting this premium niche, both for your own content or for reselling to clients.


  1. A data analyst

Data, mining, analytics and more recently AI-based decision making models are the ‘here and now’, and the vast explosion in global bandwidth demand will only become more exponential. This is an area you must put some effort into understanding, even if its span of influence doesn’t quite reach to your organization. Agencies and consultants selling services to Hong Kong, Singapore or mainland China will already be receiving inquires in this field and its many IT-centric arms and evolutions.


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