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Why does it work?

For social media, you are creating and enhancing relationships with a potential large audience. This audience is only limited by your following, reach and budget.


Starting with a story

Use storytelling to give audiences a strong idea of what your product or service is about. It creates value for your brand and consumer empathy too. It also typically results in strong content which you can use across your channels.


Established PR tools

The humble press release is still the PR go-to tool. But there are other ways to leverage your content and connect to relevant audiences. A pitch is a targeted story idea (or media angle) that you “pitch out” to certain types of media, and viewer relevance is obviously key. Speaking engagements are also another option you may consider, albeit with a local and somewhat limited reach. This is very relevant for B2B, and stand a chance of you being perceived as an expert in a given field.


Social media channels

Key channels of course are Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn, as well as Owned content on your own company blog site. Consider how each best serves your communication interest. Think carefully about audiences and messaging first and foremost, especially if there is a cost involved; ROI is essential for it to not be pointless or wasteful.


Leveraging PR socially

You should always use your social media channels to best leverage efforts in traditional media engagement. The boosting of social content obviously increases the number of people who see the story in the media and further showcases expertise in whichever area you have committed to.


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