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Online contests would seem like a great way to attract followers and brand loyalists, but it’s quite hard to make them a success. Here are some tips:


Be clear on your goals

Developing and isolating a clear communication is at the foundation of everything to do with PR. Contest are no different. Your key message is not that people can win something by doing something; it needs to in some way support your brand or product communication objectives, and hopefully also contribute to engagement marketing too.


The prizes need to rock

USB sticks and mouse pads are ok for trade fairs, but they don’t exactly get people fired up. You need this appetite to attract at least one entrant – and hopefully more. Look at prize selection through the lens of what your customers in your market really want, and let that drive the inspiration to deliver for them. Cash gifts are an age-old solution to this, but don’t dismiss something that can communicate your brand in a way that is perhaps more effective or relevant (hence the whole purpose of the communication idea).


Make the rules easy to understand

If entrants need to go through multiple stages of judging, make purchases in front of their social followings by hocking your many hashtags, or provide personal information, then you are creating barriers to entry. Not good. Tools for actually deploying the contest include WooboxRafflecopterWishpond or ShortStack 


Be strategic in following up

The whole purpose of a contest is to generate leads, so make sure your process flow is on point and CRM, CRM, CRM…. Make sure your marketers have absolutely everything they need to exploit the endeavor, or you’re wasting your time.


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