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1. Build trust

About 92% of consumers are more likely to trust recommendations by their friends over online reviews. This is why it is essential to use every platform at your disposal to connect and build that trust. Think in terms of conversations because this is the most effective way to build customer partnerships on social platforms.


2. How to handle ad blockers

Ads from every direction cause apathy and frustration for users. Influencer marketing circumvents ad blocking software by delivering a visible and authentic message to customers wherever they might be.


3. When cash is an issue

If marketing funds are an issue, go through the micro influencer market for IG and whatnot. There are a lot of KOLs out there you have small but engaged followings they are trying to grow, so work with them early on (and cheaply), and support that growth.  You both benefit and can create synergistic partnerships that will last and be respected (and used well in future).


4. Group targeting

Mass segmentation with digital or social ads delivers really poor ROI. This is especially true for location-dependent businesses (or clients) such as malls and restaurants. Use every filter possible to target the most highly relevant consumer groups for your offering.


5. Reaching out for SEO assistance

Finally, a good time to use influencer marketing can be when a business needs extra help with their SEO strategy. Influencer campaigns can help to boost brand search rankings through back links and social credibility. Apparently, user-generated social posts make up about 25 percent of the search results for the 20 most popular brands in the world.


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