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Foreign tourists to Bangkok might be forgiven for thinking Wireless Road was named for some scheme promoting fast Internet connectivity. In reality it refers to the term once used for “radio”. What about the term “traffic statistics”? If traffic statistics are less than ideal, what should you do? If the idea you’re mentally forming has more to do public transportation than SEO, you may have a problem. And you may notice digital-native PR firms passing you by, no matter how good your reputation.


Good PR is rapidly becoming less based merely on cool concepts and clever campaigns, and just as much on tracking and taking advantage of data from your successful promoting of clients on various platforms, various ways. If a PR-value-rich campaign isn’t well documented, was it really successful? No. Not really. Not anymore. The campaign may have been somewhat valuable for the recipient of the PR, and PR company that put it on. But if you’re not taking a sophisticated, thoroughly digital-friendly approach to well-documenting your success stories, you’ll risk losing your next account to a less-experienced rival firm that can.


What passed for a well put-together campaign in the past – reaching out to a few key influencers and taking advantage of big advertising budgets – simply isn’t enough anymore. Audiences are increasingly scattered. Attention spans are shorter. Key messages need tailoring. You’ve heard this before, of course. But like never before, the future is now.


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