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As always, companies are constantly in search of cheaper, streamlined systems for generating profits and staying ahead of competitors. What’s different today is that this timeless trend is playing out online, where increasingly sophisticated digital marketing strategies are needed in order for any firm to remain relevant.


More and more, companies are turning to AI to boost their social media agency. As algorithms become even more hi-tech, and social media posts become more widespread and voluminous – and difficult to track by humans, were they ever to take on so cumbersome a task – digital marketing solutions are evolving to make sense of human behaviour on the Internet. What we are posting, buying and browsing is being systematically tracked and analysed with AI and projected back at us and the Internet on a whole with greater-than-ever precision.


More than 2.8 billion people have social media accounts with the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. That adds up to oceans of online activity, and enormous potential for social media marketing. AI is busily making better sense of the spewing of data, for example, on Facebook, improving facial-recognition software to know who’s doing or liking this or that, taking careful note of users’ comments, and placing atop their newsfeeds posts most likely to generate interest – and potential profits.


Social media marketing is rapidly coming of age. And perhaps somewhat less socially, AI software is becoming able to make sense of the trends, with fewer services required from human employees.


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