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Content is king,” Bill Gates opined in 1996 about how the upcoming impact of the Internet. Indeed, content always has been and always will be.


Content marketing” is based in what storytellers have always done: exchanging information in an effective way so that your key message is remembered, and engaging enough to create a lasting impression. In the Information Age, a stunning range of ideas can be shared in increasingly varied, speedier ways with a growing range of people, for all kinds of purposes. But the core idea of content being the basis for communicating remains the same.


As the information online becomes more voluminous, better organised and labeled, SEO becomes ever more vital. Content listed atop Google search results becomes more valuable. This is the place to be noticed. As SEO itself becomes more optimized, moving away from key words alone to rank website for relevance, a richer range of factors is considered when ranking websites – including content.


One key example of how this effects digital marketers is how research shows that people looking to buy products and services want more articles, and fewer advertisements, in order to help them make informed decisions. If you get the content right, they will come, buy and share their positive experiences with friends. The time for content marketing has come, and reminds us that reign of King Content is one as old as time, and all the stronger in the digital era.


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