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Earning and keeping trust has always been essential to good public relations. The age and growth of the Internet reinforces this, with information increasingly accessible and verifiable. The relations you cultivate are essential for and conducive to delivering what matters most: evidenced, valued results.


Dedicated, relentless pitching will help create the right relations with clients, the media and influencers. That’s just the beginning – the bottom line is still the bottom line. No matter how many media reps you can contact in an instant, the real number that matters is those reporters, bloggers and influencers who actually help amplify clients’ key messages, and those clients who sign up for services.


Publication alone isn’t good enough, if it ever was. Metrics such as social shares, time spent on websites and numbers of time pages are viewed are being normalized to help create a clearer picture of true value. A whole new world of verification has been created, building exponentially on what just a few ago would just have been simple tallies of circulation or viewership in raw numbers. The leading PR firms are making sure to proactively provide full details on exactly what kind of buzz they are generating.


Content needs to be on target, the right length for attention spans, detailed, compelling and tracked, before the results are relayed to stakeholders. ROI is increasingly digitized, traceable and verifiable, as worth becomes corroborated in a range of sophisticated online mechanisms. Accountability has come of age.


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