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The field of social studies covers a lot of warfare, so no one should be really be surprised when social media posts often stray into thoughts less reflective of higher instincts. To help users retain their online reputations and limit their real-world ramifications, Facebook recently unveiled the “remove for everyone” option, a feature that at one point only Mark Zuckerberg had. The handy upgrade allows users to delete Messenger chats that in retrospect they regret having posted.


In a world where thoughts lead to actions instantly transmitted to all your friends, family, Facebook friends or others who come across your less than fully thought out though most public posts, the timeless advice to keep in mind is to think before you say or write something rings true with renewed clarity.


While many will feel the need to reel in an errant post or Facebook Messenger text now and again, an increasing number are also making the final cut and deleting their Facebook accounts altogether. Still, this ultimate step remains a difficult one to take, despite calls for making it simpler in light of privacy concerns that have plagued the world’s biggest social media website by the Cambridge Analytica scandal regarding harvesting of the user profiles of millions of Facebook users and other concerns related to data privacy protection.


You are what you post. And at least until privacy concerns are more fully address, you’re online profiles may be revealing even more of yourself than you may feel comfortable about showing others.


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