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The more that innovation delivers buyer-friendly breakthroughs, the more that disruption can wreak havoc. The larger databases become and enhance our buying options, the more confusing shopping online can become. The more we say we value authentic information, the more technology and media channels proliferate and make it easier for fake news to creep in. As social media platforms grow in number and complexity, switching off and detoxing from Internet addiction goes more mainstream.


Companies are scrambling to give customers the richer digital experiences they crave. The vastly growing quantity of information is helping fuel demand for quality. Through their brands, digital influencers and PR firms are competing in new ways, on new platforms, to hold and keep the attention of audiences. The content and depth of stories allows – and further encourages – content providers to engage with audiences in more meaningful, memorable ways.


The more channels expand, audiences fragment and attention spans fall, the more a unique story with heart is useful as a means for expanding influence and innovation for those who have a great message and the knowhow to spread it. A recent study by ad firm Hill Holliday evidences that customers are more likely to buy products and spend more on them when they are marketed along with an interesting story. This supports what the great majority of marketers think, that an integrated experience for customers across key platforms leads to greater customer satisfaction. When the message is compelling enough, the rest will often fall into place.


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