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Amazon and the art of listening

The surge in voice-recognition technology is being led by the market trailblazer in online shopping. Amazon is taking over territory on the strength of Echo, its handy five-year old platform for making Internet a more happily hands-free experience. The brand enjoys nearly half of the market share for searching for information online activated by oral communication – about the same as its share of e-business transactions in the US.


Ready for more


The digital giant is well positioned to make even bigger profits, with a significant percentage of Internet users not currently making use of voice-recognition technology to join the trend. Within three years, nearly four out of five netizens are expected to be making use of the convenience-boosting technology. While 85 per cent of Internet users have heard of Echo, 70 per cent know about its nearest rival, Google Home. Only three in 10 people have heard of the next biggest competitor, Apple HomePod.


Ready for even more


Coupled with the massive increased interest in online shopping, led by technological upgrades and the preferences and comfort in using social media navigating the Internet among the natives who make up an increasing percentage of the market, online shopping is here to stay, and represents a bonanza for tech-savvy digital marketers.


Is anybody listening?


Almost one out of three people are suspicious that their personal information is put at risk when using digital assistants and that their conversations can be tapped into and recorded, no matter how they attempt to take control of their privacy settings. For now, though the message is loud and clear: Amazon has achieved voice dominance, and will be doing everything it can to make sure we’re all paying attention.


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