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Teens finding news online

Young people are getting informed about the world at large, the latest trends and much else from the likes of social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, more than anywhere else. Another major source of news is movie- and music-sharer YouTube. Rumored for decades, the slow-motion death moment of iconic news sources from the 20th century seems more and more imminent.


Seeking out new sources


Sixty percent of young people surveyed in a recent poll said that they are more likely to seek for tips, trends, and yes, news, from influencers and celebs than traditional media outlets, even when they have an online presence. The opportunity for digital marketers to have a direct hand in the sharing and producing of information has never been greater. Neither is the resultant responsibility to get the facts right and present things in the right light. Surveys also show that young people are just as put off by fake news and unfair manipulation of facts as older generations.


Political influence


More than 8 of 10 young people say they plan on voting in next year’ US presidential election, while just over 6 out of 10 of them say they are very likely to do so. While analysts and academics are raising concerns over the lack of checkpoints and verifiable standards in cyberspace, whether its politicians selling their ideas or companies providing products and services, it seems clear that the influence of the Internet as a marketplace for so many things will only to continue to grow.


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