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With Instagram’s recent decision to remove ‘likes’ many brands and their agencies are looking at how to best leverage effectiveness on the platform. But how can brands make sure they are getting value out of being on Instagram?


Ideas are a work of art


Respected marketing expert and author Seth Godin recently had a great insight about how brands can get the most out of social media.


“When your ideas are spreading, when your work is remarkable, when your organization has built a social ratchet that works, one of the side effects will be a significant social media presence. People will talk about you in ways that they like to talk… online. And worth noting: The Mona Lisa has a huge social media presence. Her picture is everywhere. But she doesn’t tweet. She’s big on social media because she’s an icon, but she’s not an icon because she’s big on social media.” Seth Godin


Get creative


So what can brands do to make the most of Instagram in the post-’like’ era? The answer is simple – be more creative. As Mr. Godin said – have remarkable ideas that are worth people talking about and sharing.


Pause the scroll


We live in a scrolling culture today, consumers are looking to be entertained, enlightened, and educated on their social media accounts, but to do that you need to be posting content that will not only get their attention but also stop them long enough to engage them with your message.


Don’t blend in


So when you’re planning a new campaign make sure it will get the attention it deserves. Think outside the box, have fresh ideas that will attract eyeballs and stop your audience long enough for you to tell your story.


Joseph Henry is the founder and CEO of Vivaldi Public Relation Agency.

He is an expert communicator and influencer who has been helping leading companies achieve their strategic objectives in Asia for the last 20 years.