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The need for social media is the only thing growing faster than the number of users on it, but all that you see on there is not necessarily true. It’s no surprise that social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook have become the go-to marketplace for politicians trying to boost their campaigns ever since the rise of digital marketing over the past decade, simply because the political propaganda that’s on there doesn’t have to go through a vigorous fact-check.


No more political advertising on Twitter 


Growing criticism over deceptive information from politicians on social media has encouraged Twitter to make the first move and bar political advertising globally on its platform. This policy reform will mean that both candidate ads and ads related to political issues will no longer be accommodated on this platform. This change is all set to take effect worldwide from 22 November.


Facebook under pressure


Facebook recently justified their decision to let political ads run without their interference, terming it as “freedom of expression”. However, the onset of the new Twitter policy means Facebook will be under pressure to fact-check political posts on their platform. Will Twitter’s bold move be a game changer or will Facebook persist with their decision to allow “freedom of expression”?


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