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Facing a whole new shopping experience

While online shopping has never been easier, and continues gaining in popularity, big-name stores are turning to convenience with a touch of retail theatre to keep buyers happy when they’re shopping outside home. Both at-home and in-store shopping experiences are going hi-tech. These digital trends are both data-rich and customer-friendly, offering exciting opportunities for buyers and online marketers alike.


In China, leading online shopping website Alibaba now operates over 60 Hema supermarkets that normalize facial recognition technology. In 2017 Alibaba partnered with KFC to allow customers to settle the bill simply by smiling. Now, facial scans in cashierless Hema supermarkets are allowing shoppers to make purchases in the same manner on a bigger scale. Items can be scanned for detailed information on nutrition, preparation instructions and place of origin.


Shopping for food, with options for cooking along the way


Customers in the Shanghai branch can also scan a menu with a QR code during their time shopping and have meals ready for them afterwards at the Robot.He restaurant, a set-up due to be widely replicated in other Hema stores. Certain foods that you see in the supermarket and that you’d like prepared for you live are zipped away via conveyer belts hanging from the ceiling and then transferred by a robotic arm to the kitchen. After showing your face at the checkout, the freshly prepared meals are ready to go back with you as well – or receive your food via robot waiters and enjoy onsite at the restaurant.


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How bloggers became the new content superstars.

Blogging is not real writing. This was one of several memorable lines in Steven Soderbergh’s excellent 2011 movie, Contagion. The apocalyptic medical thriller went on to examine the staggeringly important role freelancer Alan Krumwiede played in the global viral MEV-1 outbreak and ensuing public hysteria brought about in its aftermath. Initially a down-and-out conspiracy theory journalist begging for any sort of attention whatsoever (sound familiar?), Jude Law’s character became one of the world’s most followed icons as a result of his blogging about the film’s far-reaching protagonist, the Meningoencephalitis virus. It was a case of right time, right content.

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5 tips on talking your way to the top.

If, as Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos says, “your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room”, then your personal brand is built from the thoughts, words and reactions of other people. Therefore, if you want to take control of your personal brand, you have to manage how your present yourself publicly. To a large extent, this is something you have control over and talking your way to the top is easier than you might think.

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9 ways to become the best at anything.

If you’ve got authenticity down pat, the next concept to master in building your personal brand is to be the best in your field. Sounds like an immense task, doesn’t it? But, in fact, there are measurable efforts you can take to ensure you’re at the cutting edge of your industry which will, undoubtedly, boost your personal brand immeasurably.

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Do you need a personal branding make over.

When I stepped off the airplane for my first visit to Bangkok in 1996, I had my backpack and US$300. It was night time, it was steaming hot and I was stuck in traffic for hours. What mess did I get myself into? Little did I know that this city would become my home and the birthplace of my most successful business, Vivaldi PR.

Things were not always so rosy for me. I needed a personal branding makeover. Partly though bad luck and partly due my own failings I had three lost jobs and had two failed businesses, which taught me a tough lesson about the importance of A, B, C and Ds of Personal Branding – Authenticity, Being the Best, Communication and Daring to Change.

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