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Sports influencers making lots of smooth moves

After a slow start compared to other marketing fields, sports marketing has taken off, and shows no signs of slowing down. Industry experts cite a variety of factors for the trend, but particularly the relatively sudden appearance of Gen Z’s financial prowess. This digital native, most socially conscious demographic is expected by next year to be spending anywhere from US$30 billion to over US$100 billion annually. Just as e-commerce platforms and big data are coming of age, not surprisingly, so are the youngsters best positioned to take advantage of new ways of spending income, including sports-related purchases.


An e-marketing bonanza awaiting


The new earners and spenders of Generation Z are seen as being more pragmatic, supportive of social initiatives, and robustly responsive to campaigns of all kinds that directly appeal to them and appear genuine in intent. At the same time, around two-thirds of marketers of sports events, teams and equipment and see more influencer programs as being vital for their field in the mid- and long-term future. The up-and-coming generation in particular can long expect to be targeted with sports-related campaigns.


Great ROI for sports marketing


The ROI of recent sports marketing programs indicates that they are very effective in generating profits. Sports marketers in recent studies said this is facilitated by having open relationships with influencers and working collaboratively to ensure that the authentic reach of their influence was optimized in line with client companies’ needs and matching them in turn as closely as possible to the expectations of buyers.


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pr digital agency bangkok thailand

Promoting sports like a champion

“At Vivaldi, we have a special passion for sports,” says the head of Thailand’s top PR agency, CEO Joseph Henry. “Going above and beyond traditional media relations, Vivaldi sports practice has proven able to deliver totally integrated paid, earned, shared and owned, marketing, influencers, video, social and media campaigns for clients.”


Among the prestigious clients who have partnered with Vivaldi are the Phuket King’s Cup Regatta, which has retained Vivaldi for 13 years; One Championship MMA, Honda LPGA Golf, The Music Run and Warrix, manufacturer of the Official Thai National Football team jersey.


In recognition of Vivaldi’s continuing leadership in sports PR, social media and events, the CEO was invited to serve as an Awards Committee regional judge at the 2018 Sports Industry Awards (SPIA). Previously, Vivaldi, the leading PR agency for sports in Thailand, won SPIA’s Gold for the Best Sports PR Agency in Thailand in 2016, and in 2017 earned the Silver for the Best Sport Event Supplier in Thailand.


Vivaldi was perfectly positioned very early on to maximize the strength of its relations and strategic expertise in the sport industry, harnessing social media, digital content and the media to help support the development of sports and tourism in the country,” says Henry, who is competitive Ironman Triathlete and Ultra long-distance runner.


Team Vivaldi is better positioned than ever to continue capitalizing on its strengths. Not resting on its laurels, in 2018 the integrated public relations firm won pitches for the Honda LGPA golf tournament, Bangkok Bank CycleFest and the leading sport fashion retailer for JD Sport. Vivaldi’s reputation as the top Sports PR agency in Bangkok keeps gaining momentum.


The Human & Digital Communications Agency

Our award-winning communications team blends human interactions & digital engagement seamlessly to produce results for brands.


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Going to Extremes with a Winning Agency

Vivaldi CEO competes in the largest race in Southeast Asia, to finally claim first prize

DESPITE its awful past, the infamous River Kwai’s ‘death’ railway built by WWII prisoners is an ideal location for the River Kwai Trophy Adventure Race, the largest race in Southeast Asia.

Vivaldi CEO was not always into endurance sports, but after becoming overweight and unhealthy he decided to get fit and enter the race for the first time. That was 11 years ago. It was the toughest thing he’d ever done, but was hooked from then on.

In 2015, his friend Ross Cain and he decided to team up under the name “Atlast” with the purpose of winning the Grand Masters of the River Kwai Race. He was super-fit, coming off cycling the 1200 km Audax France in under 70 hours. They trained hard in the midday sun for five hours at a time, so by race day were in top shape. Despite a serious cycling crash in which Ross cracked his elbow and Joseph had a concussion, they came in 3rd place.

In 2016, they tried again, leading the race for five hours until Joseph’s legs cramped in the final river swim just a few hundred meters from the finish line. It hurt to lose like that.

At the registration for 2017, they saw teams entering from Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia and France. That night, a huge tropical storm rolled in. In an adventure race, you don’t know distances, routes or order of the swim, bike, kayak, obstacles or trails. You just deal with it as it comes. In this year’s race, they started with a run that crossed the Bridge over the River Kwai to the main plaza where tourists looked on.

When the MC finally announced at the finish, “Team Atlast has finished in 1st place in the Grand Masters Division”, hands rose in the air and both team members shouted at the top of their lungs! It has been 11 years in the making and finally a first ever win. The team had conquered Asia’s Largest Race at the Bridge over the River Kwai!


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