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Mate 8 into Premium Market


In partnership with Publicis, Vivaldi PR was retained to provide strategic counsel and a communications campaign for the launch of Huawei’s flagship smartphone, the Mate 8. Far from being just a product launch, the program called for a 7-month Integrated Marketing Communications program, changing perceptions among lifestyle, business, travel and technology consumers by supporting Huawei’s repositioning as a premium mobile phone brand in Thailand.




The Mate 8 was a high-end phone developed by Huawei, a Chinese brand best known for value-orientated products. The Mate 8 delivered world-leading performance and incorporated a number of technology innovations that contributed to the phone’s competition-shattering performance.    


Our approach


It was essential that the launch was supported across Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned channels, explaining carefully to media and public alike that Mate 8 was the new standard for high-end phones, whilst also engaging audiences with exciting ambassadorial campaigns and online video, to satisfy a high benchmark for deliverables in terms of media value and social media reach.


Vivaldi PR developed a twin endorser plan to cover both lifestyle and business areas of the market. We worked in close partnership with Huawei’s team and Publicis bringing together celebrities Ananda Everingham and Joe Travisavet to spearhead the program and connect deeply with celebrity fans, technology followers and business tech users.


Vivaldi PR developed a series of native advertising and advertorial campaigns (15 full-length articles in total, most of which were cover stories across various Thai and English language media including Thai Rath, BK Magazine and Forbes), coupled with a multi-channel Key Online Influencer push. A key to maximize the reach and effectiveness of the native advertising was to publish in each media’s print, digital and social media assets, allowing for brand reach and the power to boost the content to digital social media target audiences. 


Media that supported the launch included the best of Thailand’s top tier publications – Forbes, BK, Thai Rath, Maxim, HiSo Party, Esquire, BrandAge and many more. The channel activities were supported with hands-on media reviews, digital advertising, and a TV scoop from the massive launch event. We also composed all of the executive speeches for Huawei representatives, including the regional CEO, following extensive discussions in which we worked “in-house” with the client’s marketing team to deliver communications that enhanced its brand pillars and values.


Vivaldi PR created four distinct paths for all communications, in very specific tech/lifestyle/local/regional flavors. The company also hosted a press conference, creating gossip news and a countdown to the introduction of the phone, as well as teaser campaigns and print ad message design focusing on the speed, power and beauty of Huawei Mate 8. We co-wrote and translated product briefs, wrote comprehensive product feature manuals and handled media invitations and logistics.


Vivaldi PR also supported Publicis’ Treasure Hunt special competition hosted on Facebook, offering followers a chance to win daily branded merchandise, and ramping up interest prior to the launch. The entire program contributed to an elevation in the brand perception of Huawei in Thailand, as well as establishing it as a sales leader in the premium smartphone sector. Furthermore, the phone became known for its towering performance, with Huawei now closely associated with the introduction of technology that is ahead of the game for premium smartphones in the Thai market.


Key Results within 7 months


Media Value:


  • 73 million THB with 350+ news clippings in TV, radio and online media.
  • 83 national media attended, with 123 representatives across TV broadcast, daily newspaper, magazine, and online in business, tech and lifestyle publications.
  • 33 million THB in online coverage and reviews.
  • 10 million THB in online blogger and social media influencer reviews.


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