Jaguar-Land Rover

Project Description

Jaguar-Land Rover.

Rises Again in Thailand.

Jaguar Land Rover invested heavily in a new flagship showroom and service center in Bangkok as part of a mission to improve its image for customer service in the market. Following the appointment of its new distributor, JLR also appointed Vivaldi Integrated Public Relations to enhance its public and media perception with a series of events and communications focused on reputation management.


To engineer a communications campaign that would rebuild customer trust and raise the brand image and profile in the Thai market.

Our Approach

Vivaldi developed consumer and media perception audits to gather insights, opinions and recommendations on how to turn the brand image around in the Thai market.  Insights revealed an appreciation for the brand, but a “show me that you’ve changed tone”. Over a period of five months, we reached out to senior automotive and luxury media to arrange one-to-one meetings to seek their advice.  

We followed our initial meeting with small group introductions of Thailand’s top editors and journalists; we arranged introductions with client management to share a fresh messaging focused on new global ownership, a huge spike in major awards, the strengthening global prestige of the brand and most importantly, the pedigree and reputation of the newly appointed local distributor.   Having won over the belief and support of the media we set out to work with media to reach consumers nationwide.

Over a period of 4 years, Vivaldi went on to organize the Thailand launch of the All-New Range Rover and Jaguar F-Type, and other vehicles in the market.  Having worked with the brand across four years our team has worked every major motor show in Thailand and owns one of the top media blogger databases in the industry.

Vivaldi handled all aspects of the client’s car launches with significant events for F-TYPE and the Evoque in particular, which attracted major media attendance. The events brought glamour and a sense of occasion, as well as connecting the brand to many top celebrities and VIPs in Thailand, several of whom immediately became JLR vehicle owners.

Vivaldi carefully positioned an acclaimed JLR engineer as a thought leader within the industry, as well as offering consumer advice to the public by way of several useful guides published in magazines and online to strengthen the message of high quality after sales service.

In support of the brand’s marketing, we crafted product positioning statements,  lifestyle slogans and scripts for radio advertising, developed and designed print ads, and promotional copy; communication was carefully designed to express the emphasis JLR was placing in its effort to improve customer service.

Vivaldi PR remains the forthright agency in the automotive sector, with team members who have worked in this field as journalists and communication specialists for many years. We are currently serving Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.

Key Results for Jaguar-Land Rover

  • Working with client from 2012-2016, we generated approximately 12 million USD in publicity for the brand.
  • JLR’s brand reputation was successfully revived among leading media and consumers.
  • A new and much younger generation of owners became associated with the brand in Thailand.


Project Detail