Project Description

Prudential Relationship Index.

What is Most Important to Thai Consumers.

Prudential’s heart of its business focuses on personal relationships. The company wanted to learn about, and better understand, the relationships of people across Asia. Prudential Relationship Index 2016 (PRI) was developed to understand the state of personal interactions region-wide, and thusly was conducted in ten countries. The findings of the PRI offered significant opportunities for Prudential to engage with media, government, social/digital influencers, employees, agents and other stakeholders.  In partnership regionally with Ruder Finn, Asia Vivaldi was appointed for its experience in delivering strategic digital PR, on-line and off-line Paid, Earned, Share, Owned campaigns in Thailand.


Leverage the PRI to further strengthen Prudential’s brand reputation and business through proactive communication of the PRI results and insights, as well as providing learning for financial consultants, giving them deeper insights into the dynamics affecting their customers and prospects; to consult extensively on local messaging for effective local implementation and decide on the strongest findings for emphasis in Thailand.

Our Approach:

We aimed to support Prudential in adding real value to customers, financial consultants, business partners, employees, government representatives and others by helping them understand and improve the forces that shape and drive healthy personal relationships in their family, among their circle of friends and in the workplace. The PR program culminated in several integrated in-market launch activities and digital engagement which Vivaldi expertly rolled out through a full Paid, Earned, Shared, Owned campaign.

Vivaldi organized a talk show-style press conference with DJ Aoy, a famous presenter known for her popular radio show Club Friday (on relationships) who joined Prudential’s CEO and other relationship experts. Aired on Facebook Live with questions coming from social media followers, the event attracted 47 national media organizations which were in attendance.  

To supplement the findings, we curated half a dozen of the most interesting and widely followed relationship and family-focused Facebook bloggers like Benze Apache, Manoodfan and Power of Husband, with some added boosting to ensure outstanding social engagement and sharing. These Key Online Influencers helped to connect the PRI 2016 program deeply with their fans, offering insight and advice across their social and media channels. 

The insights were supported by tactical Earned editorial tools such as a press conference, news releases, infographics and access to the full report for Thailand’s leading media across newspapers, radio, web and TV. PRI microsite banners linked to a bespoke PRI microsite which was also promoted across social channels and via media, in addition to the posting of cross-platform articles and a PRI microsite quiz, plus articles on the PRI Report for download (hosted by Prudential). Co-working with Ruder Finn, we helped to source a production team for the “That’s Me” video on the PRI Index, and also co-wrote and translated video captions (with the video shown at our event), along with copy and translation for an Employee Internal Marketing e-mail.

Campaign performance exceeded all KPIs. Measurement research available showed an average 51 percent awareness of the index across target groups, a 19 percent higher level of consumers’ willingness to speak to agent and 13 percent higher brand consideration, year-on-year.    The campaign won the PR Awards Asian 2017 Silver Asia-Pacific PR Campaign of the Year. 

Key Results within 6 months:

Media Value:

  • 2 million THB with 107 news clippings in TV, radio, print and online media
  • 47 national media attended the press conference

Facebook Influencers and FB Live:

  • 47 million Audience Reach and an average 5,4% engagement rate.
  • Reactions, Comments and Shares 187,554.
  • Facebook Live Engagement: 1,493 Views/ 67 Likes/ 46 shares/ 18 positive comments.
  • YouTube: Views 284,681 views.

Project Detail