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Facing a whole new shopping experience

While online shopping has never been easier, and continues gaining in popularity, big-name stores are turning to convenience with a touch of retail theatre to keep buyers happy when they’re shopping outside home. Both at-home and in-store shopping experiences are going hi-tech. These digital trends are both data-rich and customer-friendly, offering exciting opportunities for buyers and online marketers alike.


In China, leading online shopping website Alibaba now operates over 60 Hema supermarkets that normalize facial recognition technology. In 2017 Alibaba partnered with KFC to allow customers to settle the bill simply by smiling. Now, facial scans in cashierless Hema supermarkets are allowing shoppers to make purchases in the same manner on a bigger scale. Items can be scanned for detailed information on nutrition, preparation instructions and place of origin.


Shopping for food, with options for cooking along the way


Customers in the Shanghai branch can also scan a menu with a QR code during their time shopping and have meals ready for them afterwards at the Robot.He restaurant, a set-up due to be widely replicated in other Hema stores. Certain foods that you see in the supermarket and that you’d like prepared for you live are zipped away via conveyer belts hanging from the ceiling and then transferred by a robotic arm to the kitchen. After showing your face at the checkout, the freshly prepared meals are ready to go back with you as well – or receive your food via robot waiters and enjoy onsite at the restaurant.


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pr digital agency bangkok thailand

Buyers’ options grow as communication channels proliferate

The tipping point is coming for online shopping, from England to Thailand and beyond, led by the mass assemblage and channeling of big data like never before. It’s a windfall for tech-savvy firms and their marketers. Customers stand to benefit greatly as well, with many new products and services coming to be sold online.


Dominoes delivers KPIs


A clear example of the trend is online food ordering, from groceries to the updated version of the classic call-up-for-home-service success story: pizza delivery. Dominoes UK has gone online in a big way, from when it first started accepting orders by telephone in 2010 to taking the biggest slice of the pie by 2018. Last year the pizza lay claim to over half the market share tally. Today, over four-fifths of Dominoes’ pizza orders in the UK are digital; most of these purchases coming from smartphone apps.


Many roles, many communication methods


The rise of big data and increasingly sophisticated SEO specs and outcomes means more people have access to more info in shorter amounts of time. The lines between content and marketing have blurred. These messages are spread more of a matter of appropriate positioning, to ensure your message is being read, heard and shared on multiple platforms, in compelling ways and of appropriate length and tone, for maximum effect. Activate and amplify information so that it gets noticed. Everyone’s a publisher, buyer and potential influencer in a PR world where multiple hats and switching roles has been normalized.


The Human & Digital Communications Agency

Our award-winning communications team blends human interactions & digital engagement seamlessly to produce results for brands.


Best PR Agency Delivering PR | Social | Digital.

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5 Reasons to Work in PR

With disruptive technology, digital marketing and the explosion of content, the evolving world of public relations is promises greater career openings than ever before. If you are considering a move from say journalism or marketing into PR or this is a whole new field, then here are 5 Reasons to Work in PR.


PR is a boom industry

Everybody wants content and the main drivers are the growing needs of digital media from social media platforms to blog content and online PR platforms. In the US, official statistics predict a 6% rise in PR jobs in 2024 compared to 10 years previously.


PR is creative

In PR you can create a narrative and are involved in brand innovation and adding your input into the whole marketing process with clients; using your skills to shape a story for a specific goal.


PR is positive

Press releases and PR in general is often about promoting a special offer, introducing a new product or service or spreading a positive message. It is about targeting great results.


PR is measurably rewarding

Working across many traditional and digital media channels and platforms, you can see the efforts of your hard work in PR clearly and the reach and successes can be measured.


PR is about choice

You can work for a big-brand PR agency, opt for a boutique or niche firm or become part of a start-up or an agency focused on NGOS. A career in PR offers endless possibilities.



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Why marketing and PR needs data science?

Regular LinkedIn users who often check the classified job ads may have noticed an increasingly common trend among marketing recruiters – jobs requiring some expertise in data science (or “Big Data scientists”). Big Data and digitally applied skills jointly provide better analysis of business/ consumer results (or any shortfalls in this area); and, such skills also help to extrapolate and zone in on those who are likely to be interested in the client’s products and service offering. Several tech magazines have identified this type of job role as being “better paying than medicine” as a career path, with a future focus in app creation to look for pattern-seeking and data crunching knowledge: “This trend for data scientists mimics the trend for digital specialists that happened earlier at the turn of the millennium.” (Wired US).

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