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An indispensable tool for PR and marketing

For those of your familiar with the PESO model – you must know that Paid, owned, shared and earned media are the major tools of Public Relations and business marketing. Earned media refers to any promotional material about your business that you haven’t paid for. Although paid and owned media are the ones truly under your complete control, it’s always a good idea to blend earned media into your cocktail for marketing and promotion for the best results. However, earned media doesn’t come without a price, it requires your company to gain influence and produce campaigns that stand out. Let’s get into why earned media is essential to every success story.


Helps boost brand image


With consistent, quality content, your brand tends to get noticed more. When a significant person or entity decides to share your message and promote your brand, it could make a world of difference to your business. When your business is linked to a brand with influence, it will increase your credibility and help you gain popularity. Product reviews, social media shares and other such efforts taken by your followers who are impressed by the work done or products and services offered by your brand makes a positive impact on how your brand is viewed by the world.


It’s a great companion to other media


When earned media is combined with paid, owned and shared media, you can get the most out of your marketing strategy. Sometimes, customer testimonials are the most convincing piece of evidence to prove your brands worth. A customer’s satisfaction can create a positive outlook in the mind of another potential customer. When this earned media is shared by yourself or your customer, it encourages other people to try out your company’s offerings.


Doesn’t eat into your marketing budget


The strongest point in favour of earned media is that it’s free. Studies show that the average marketing budget for a business is anywhere from ten to twenty percent of the annual budget, depending on the size of the business. This sometimes converts to little or no results and if an organisation invests in a method that doesn’t compliment the business, it could mean tons of losses in almost no time. But when it comes to earned media, your business does not have to spend a dime on it. Providing quality content consistently generates the interest of other reporters or creators who in turn share the goodwill, thus “earning” your business more publicity.


Make money – spending virtually nothing


You can generate a whole lot of additional income from earned media, and save money in the process. It helps prevent you from spending too many baht on unproven marketing methods to boost your business. You can attract more earned media by putting your customer first and encouraging people to review your brand and spread the word – the easiest way to do that in this day and age is social media. Positive feedback from social media influencers can lead to your brand becoming an overnight sensation. All this means your brand grows without any additional investment on your part. 


Earned media is a ‘bonus’ addition to your marketing strategy – for both young and developed businesses. All forms of media are profitable, of course. But the idea that your company can boost image and sales without any extra investment is worth the effort to produce consistent quality with and offer your customers the best.


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No more visible like counts on Instagram

Earlier this year, Instagram started experimenting with hidden likes on its platform in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Japan and New Zealand. As of last week, this experiment went global. So fear not if you can’t see the number of likes on a post, it just means you’re part of this experiment too. 


The experiment


It is an interesting take from the social media giant to turn away from likes and views being public knowledge – do users respond to the numbers below pictures more than the pictures themselves?


“The idea is to try to ‘depressurize’ Instagram, make it less of a competition and give more space to focus on connecting with people that they love, things that inspire them.” – Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, said during an interview. 


With the rise of influencer marketing, likes and views can easily be monetized. It would be interesting to see if any popular influencers notice a significant shift in their like counts, for better or for worse. With that in mind, Instagram also stated that it’s looking for other ways that influencers and content creators can keep their sponsorships intact, even though they are sometimes dependent on like counts.


The response – Yay or nay?


This experiment has received mixed responses from the world of social media. Some users like Nicki Minaj or not supportive of the idea – she has already said that she won’t take to Instagram to post content because they’re “removing the likes”, in a deleted thread on Twitter she also stated that like counts help validate independent artists. Cardi B weighed in too, saying comment likes cause more harm than likes themselves because they allow people to acknowledge and reward negative comments on positive posts.


On the other hand, several influencers have come out in support of Instagram’s decision because of its potential to improve users’ mental health. One of Instagram’s top ten most-followed users, Kim Kardashian West has spoken in favor of this change, calling it “beneficial”.


The Human & Digital Communications Agency

Our award-winning communications team blends human interactions & digital engagement seamlessly to produce results for brands.

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When AI makes us human

The future of employee-to-employee relations will not be dictated by AI, but what has always led the course of human achievement – the way colleagues interact with and get along with each other – a new study reveals. The gist of the report expresses how, armed with trust and the rallying force of people working towards a common goal, human potential transcends the capabilities of intelligence less natural.


Beyond ROI


Profits proudly returned to shareholders are but one metric of success, the report says. Based around the outcomes of Relationshpism, when appropriately applied, the findings focus on the creation of a global evolution beyond the assembly lines and corporation-focused theories, which have traditionally supported a focus on manufacturers and capitalists while oft discounting the interests of labourers.


A purpose-driven future


A more holistic, fuller buffet of outcomes not just for companies’ bottom line, but the forces that lead to them is encouraged the report. The idea reinforces the classic truth that roads are for journeys, not destinations. Multiple scientific studies of human motivation indicate how happiness triggers the higher – and contagious – energies that more naturally and efficiently lead to productivity and the collaborative human relationships that are hallmarks of the most successful companies.


Making people happy


Relationshpism comes down to making workers enjoy and value working, and how employee satisfaction is a crucial part of the story of making profits. Trust, effectiveness and values are essential ingredients in this regard. Great Place to Work, an organization dedicated to analyzing where people at work are happiest, promotes a key message in this regard: that business success hinges on prioritizing human potential as the source of sustainable profits.


The Human & Digital Communications Agency

Our award-winning communications team blends human interactions & digital engagement seamlessly to produce results for brands.

Best PR Agency Delivering PR | Social | Digital. 

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PR ethics for competition and communication

In this final edition in a short series of blogs on how the Public Relations Society of America’s Code of Ethics relates to online-based PR today, the concepts of furthering communication and competition are looked at. On the face of it, the nature of digital realities today make ‘competition’ and ‘communication’ rather synonymous and symbiotic, seemingly forever feeding each other in an endless round of healthy if at times barbed exchanges online, with no communication-inhibiting monopolization in sight thanks to the competitive nature of posts and counter-posts on Facebook, Trip Advisor and the like…


Beyond tit for tat


…Only that these social media platforms can become self-serving pedestals and alter the nature and purpose of communication carried out on them. The PRSA’s stated commitment to a free flow of information, are checked by societal forces that have always worked to crush competitive forces, for better or worse, which often links with the idea of limited or at least dramatically curtailed communication. Worse, the go-to biggies of the digital age like Google, Facebook and Mircosoft, while officially espousing free expression, have all come up into trouble for hindering the freedoms they claim they stand for. These three titans have faced, and fought, for example, enormous fines from the European Union, and have become accustomed to operating with few to no rivals. The democratizing forces of the Internet have come up against firewalls protecting multinational institutions, which are often the ones setting the new standards.


Is there still room for privacy?


While Facebook’s CEO famously derided the idea of privacy in the future, and censorship, facial recognition technology and other digital forces coalesce to serve the consolidation of power, signs of counterbalance are found in new messy norms which champion the peer reviews of the little guy and the growth of the next big-time Gen Z influencer. But as long the Information Age police are the information providers themselves, the whole point of digitalupgrades’ are called into question.


The Human & Digital Communications Agency

Our award-winning communications team blends human interactions & digital engagement seamlessly to produce results for brands.

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Buyers’ options grow as communication channels proliferate

The tipping point is coming for online shopping, from England to Thailand and beyond, led by the mass assemblage and channeling of big data like never before. It’s a windfall for tech-savvy firms and their marketers. Customers stand to benefit greatly as well, with many new products and services coming to be sold online.


Dominoes delivers KPIs


A clear example of the trend is online food ordering, from groceries to the updated version of the classic call-up-for-home-service success story: pizza delivery. Dominoes UK has gone online in a big way, from when it first started accepting orders by telephone in 2010 to taking the biggest slice of the pie by 2018. Last year the pizza lay claim to over half the market share tally. Today, over four-fifths of Dominoes’ pizza orders in the UK are digital; most of these purchases coming from smartphone apps.


Many roles, many communication methods


The rise of big data and increasingly sophisticated SEO specs and outcomes means more people have access to more info in shorter amounts of time. The lines between content and marketing have blurred. These messages are spread more of a matter of appropriate positioning, to ensure your message is being read, heard and shared on multiple platforms, in compelling ways and of appropriate length and tone, for maximum effect. Activate and amplify information so that it gets noticed. Everyone’s a publisher, buyer and potential influencer in a PR world where multiple hats and switching roles has been normalized.


The Human & Digital Communications Agency

Our award-winning communications team blends human interactions & digital engagement seamlessly to produce results for brands.


Best PR Agency Delivering PR | Social | Digital.

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Huawei Mate 8 regional launch Thailand.

Vivaldi played the leading role in a multi-channel PR program for the regional launch of the flagship Huawei Mate 8 smartphone. Celebs and social, native advertising and close partnerships with key media, all to power Mate 8 to the top of the SEA league

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5 reasons sponsored ads are good PR.

Your PR agency will always try to convey the exact message you wish to express to media and the market, but there are times when your appointed communications team will try to steer you away from certain ways of describing your company or your products. There are a handful of terms which can really grate when press releases are read by editors. Here are a few standouts that crop up every day on every media desk in Thailand.

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How to not mess up newsjacking.

How do you make your brand a breaking news story without resorting to looking like a ‘me too’ pretender, or at worst a Donald Trump Brexit-moronic disaster?

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Five reasons sponsored ads are good PR.


Paid media, as part of an integrated PESO campaign is an accepted and expected part of your marketing strategy; so much so that those companies who hold back are potentially missing out on great opportunities. Online paid media is often avoided by those who lack knowledge of what admittedly is an ever-changing landscape. There is also, in some purist quarters, an old-fashioned persistence that good PR is ‘free’ PR. This is a mistake.

Savvy paid media, such as selected sponsored ads can elevate brands to a higher marketing position, far beyond the reach their budget would usually allow.

Sponsored ads are essentially a way to present links featuring your products or services on Google, social media and other corporate sites. They are online ads and many operate through pay-per-click

(PPC); the general concept being that you only pay where a consumer clicks on your ad and therefore you only pay where there is a recognized interest.


The benefits of sponsored ad campaigns can be:

Attractive ROI

Whilst TV spots and glossy magazine ads still demand big fees, online sponsored ads do not. Compared to the potential conversion rate and exposure, online paid media can be a worthwhile return on investment.

Great market reach

If you want consumers to notice you then you need to be seen in all the right places. Google, Facebook and Twitter are global brands influencing the daily lives of consumers. The important factor with sponsored online ads is that they are targeted and do not rely on a scatter-gun approach.

Driving traffic to your site

Sponsored ads grab the attention of potential consumers, taking them directly to where you want them to go. With the glut of companies vying for attention online, inherently paying for visitors can really bump up traffic. This helps boost your online profile and search ranking status too.

Measureable results

There needs to be a system of monitoring progress and collecting evidence of real results. Due to the online nature of sponsored ads, analytics are simple to understand, user friendly and accessible.

Budget controls

Whilst a lower budget may be generally appealing, one other plus point is having a tighter, faster rein on spends too. You can set limits and opt out whenever you want.


Online Sponsored Ads

Each online platform offers businesses sponsored ad tools to reach consumers. Here are three of the top contenders – Facebook, Twitter and Google.


With mobile revenues making up a vast component of Facebook total revenue, the social media giant is launching an ad unit, Canvas, for sponsored ads and posts that appear in the Newsfeed. However, unlike other sponsored posts on Facebook, clicking on the Canvas ad takes visitors to a page hosted by Facebook (usually clicking on a sponsored post takes visitors to an external site).

Sponsored Posts on Facebook in general highlight actions taken by Facebook users. You can think of this as a way of gaining popularity through Likes rather than necessarily driving traffic directly to your site. You are essentially sponsoring organic (non-paid) activities.

Page Post Ads are the most common types of Facebook ads, appearing in Newsfeeds of fans of your page, they can be shared and be part of a creative marketing strategy. Facebook also allows multi product ads which work well for eCommerce businesses. Promoted Posts get a boost amongst fans and their friends with a set rate to reach a certain number of users through activating a ’promote’ button.


In 140 characters or less, Twitter is a simple yet sophisticated promotional platform. A Promoted Tweet acts in much the same ways as an everyday tweet, except that you can target who sees it. Whether via gender, location or interests, a Promoted Tweet appears in the timeline of targeted users. Companies pay when users react, such as when they click, follow and retweet, as well as reply and comment.

Twitter has recently been creating customized emojis with Promoted Tweets, as well as other packages – Promoted Trends and Promoted Moments which allows users to see the latest popular tweets without following specific individuals.


Many companies of all shapes and sizes utilize the power of Google AdWords where ads are displayed in sponsored search results. The ads are also placed on relevant websites too. Through these sponsored links your ad can be positioned at the top of the search field, above the organic results. You can target users through bidding on keywords, location and other factors to define your ideal demographic.

There are recent plans to ban sponsored ads in the right hand sidebar of the results page and place more at the top and bottom. The sidebar is expected to feature product listing ads instead. The changes are no doubt connected with enhancing mobile-user experiences (and thusly revenue).

With the fast-pace of change and development in the world of sponsored ads, it is easy for businesses to miss online opportunities. With an integrated marketing campaign that includes paid media, sponsored ads can be monitored and updated more easily.


Further industry changes. On Tuesday Instagram confirmed that it’s adding an algorithm that will reorder which images and videos users see in their feeds. The company said these changes are a result from consumer behavior, identifying that there is a “likelihood you’ll be interested in the content, your relationship with the person posting and the timeliness of the post.”

The world’s leading photo-follower app didn’t say when the new algorithm will start but The New York Times reported that the changes will gradually roll out with a small set of tests that affect a “single digit percentage of users.”

Instagram’s numbers continue to grow and it now has over 400 million monthly users. Despite being plagued with some of the same repetition of low-to-no-value content consumers leveraged for use by low-quality pay-per-follow routines (ie- fake likes, fake followers), its own Instagram following is still growing.

The new changes mimic similar changes Facebook made in 2009. According to Instagram, users only see 30% of posts in their feeds. It could be that Instagram sees its platform as a potential gold rush territory which has hitherto been unexplored; the reality is closer to the fact that Twitter’s share price collapse of early March is forcing competitors to not mess around with slow-drip monetizing.

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The new tastemakers working with bloggers.

Chanel did it when it gifted fashion blogger Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast a Chanel backpack, Olivia Palermo has collaborated with everyone from Aspinal of London to becoming Ciaté London’s creative director, teaming up with Aquazzura and Westward Leaning sunglasses and Thai fashion brand Vatanika had the international spotlight on it when LA-based fashion blogger, Aimee Song of Song of Style, wore one of its dresses to the Grammy’s.
Working with bloggers can be a mutually beneficial arrangement and, it’s not just in fashion circles that the potential for a fruitful relationship with bloggers lies.

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