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Welcome to your home away from home

Accepting new employees into the work culture of your office is a test of if a company to apply core beliefs fairly to everyone. Does the mission statement really reflect the higher reality or do cliques and corruption have more clout? The answer can be found in instances like when new employees are onboarded. Here are a few ways to show how welcoming newcomers can help enhance commitment to the right kind of corporate values.


Keep it stylish


A sense of fun can do wonders, as offices become more homes and coworkers like family members, in ways where overlapping is possible, depending on the organization. Examples of infusing casual rhythms of relaxation can come, for example, through encouraging freedom of expression through allowing employees to decorate and personalize their office space as they like. Making the home away from home closer to home itself can boost morale and productivity.


Bond with me


Company evenings and outings allow members from different departments to mingle and engage in ways based on light-hearted conversation and entertainment in memorable points of connection that create deeper relations and a sense of trust.


Hear my voice


In meetings and in consultations with work teams, and clients too whenever possible, ask new employees for their feedback and opinions. Encourage them to speak out and share what they think and have personal sessions to further prove the point.


Meet the family


Bosses who make the effort to go over and meet new employees at their homes or invite them to theirs show in dramatic ways that newcomers are very much a part of the family. This attention to detail and high level of personalization of course also can pay dividends in cases where the personal touch can go far in impressing clients as well.


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Great PR potential in an Internet minute

Big data number crunchers have come through with an impressive snapshot of Internet life, rendered almost comprehendible by slicing and serving the online world up in one-minute slices. And it’s still a lot to digest. Digital marketers, take pause and consider what’s happening on a world gone online, and the potential for messages placed with the right audiences.


Billions and billions – messages, photos, and more screen moments


Just a few transactions shy of $100,000 spent across online shopping platforms. More than a million Tinder swipes. Googling over 3.8 million times for searches of all kinds. That’s what’s happening on the Internet every 60 seconds, on average. And that’s just for starters. The numbers are difficult to make sense of in there enormousness. Trends are towards even more Internet activity compared to last year, although there are some slower patches.


The websites we’ve welcomed into our lives


Netflix is on a tear, growing from 266,000 Netflix hours watched last year on average in a minute if you added them all up, to 694,000 this year. The number of emails sent every minute, while huge, only nudged upwards, from last year’s 187 million emails a minute to 188 million this year. Long-time video provider YouTube is experiencing slow growth as well, trickling up from 4.3 million viewers every minute last year to 4.5 million served in 2019. Meanwhile, the Great Snap Letdown of 2018 led to a decline of one-three million uses on the formerly rising application, who were displeased with a redesign that lacked mass appeal. It’s an online numbers game of great proportion, and the stakes are growing by the minute.


The Human & Digital Communications Agency

Our award-winning communications team blends human interactions & digital engagement seamlessly to produce results for brands.


Best PR Agency Delivering PR | Social | Digital. 

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All change with Facebook and its algorithm for advertisers

Facebook’s recent purge of clickbait and the reprioritizing of deep content and posts by friends could make quality content relevant on the platform once more.

Facebook is forcing people to create quality and relevant content. The social media giant recently unveiled its biggest news feed algorithm change to date; it now favors content from friends and family over posts from companies and politicized material. So where does this leave advertisers?

Facebook has said that the new changes will not affect paid posts on the platform, although CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) may increase. The changes are aimed at removing clickbait; those annoying shouty adds that use either controversial titles or make ridiculous claims as to the product’s benefits. They have long frustrated users, often appearing higher in the news feed than posts from friends or loved ones. Facebook won’t admit it publically, but it’s an effort to stem people moving away from the site, which some see as now being an endlessly repetitive space for dreary pointlessness, and so don’t bother to look at it.

Brands already know that they get little visibility from unpaid content on Facebook. Organic content doesn’t work as well as paid posts for sure. However the new move may make some headway into leaning back into these two truisms. Brands will probably have to abandon push marketing and create content that potential customers value or wish to see.

There is a lot of concern in the online space with marketers globally surrounding this issue. Many are preparing to advise clients to move part of their tactical spend to Instagram, Snapchat or other channels. This is interesting as it may turn out to create the exact result that Facebook didn’t want, and so the situation will continue to evolve.

We would say that there is no cause for panic. The correct content (now able to be deeper, of better quality and therefore better able to connect to consumers in our clients’ target markets) and correctly targeted will continue to drive success for brand building and sales growth on the FB channel.

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The Changing Face of PR: Why Its Relevant to You

Public Relations may have been given a bad rep in the past as most members of the public only notice it when someone is on TV explaining that their actions are not to blame for something. It’s perceived by many as being something of a dark art.

In reality however, public relations is not any of these things. It only defines the way in which we manage our messages to the wider world. It is not something that is used only in times of crisis, but instead should be something that amplifies good actions and provide consumer-relevant information.

Still, there remains a disconnect between brands and their interests and those of consumers (and ‘news consumers’) that has distorted the relationship somewhat between the PR pro of the past and what it takes to achieve connectivity with today’s audiences.

New Decade, New Era, New PR

PR is now a well-placed industry to support tech-savvy and hyper-personalized messaging in the digital age. It’s a two-sided deal now, a discipline built on beneficial bilateral relationships between agencies, clients, media and online opinion writers, and media pros focused on specific industries, and ultimately, audiences. Hence today’s Integrated PR.

The industry has moved well past media relations and press releases. The newly held belief in the ever-evolving PESO model sees PR strategy implementation now covering every element of brand growth via connectivity to ever possible permutation of expanding communication avenues – specifically Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned. An excellent strategy covers all of them.

Only a great PR partner is properly able to leverage each to the correct degree, and achieve what is ultimately the original aim (even, as it was, ‘back in the day’) – to bring your client’s relevancy to all relevant markets, and to contribute to the client’s success.


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Boosting effects of positive news coverage.

Even if you’re not currently using a PR company to handle your media engagement and message amplification, your internal marketing team will still be able to leverage positive news items for maximum effect using a few fairly simple approaches. Here’s a quick guide.

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