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Kylie Jenner: Superinfluencer and billionaire

Much has been made of the recent news that Kylie Jenner, 21, has raked in her first billion dollars. She moved up on an elite list in doing so, shaving a couple of years off the previous record held by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, who hit the $1,000,000,000 mark in 2008 at 23, and who had bested the record set by Microsoft’s Bill Gates, who made his first billion at age 31 in 1987.


The milestone was independently confirmed by both the Bloomberg Billionaires Index and Forbes, shortly after an exclusive deal was inked between Kylie Cosmetics, founded and owned by Jenner, and Ulta Beauty Inc. She succeeds in combining winning marketing/PR skills and a compelling personality with a sense of authenticity to her legions of fans, including 128 million Instagram followers. This comes on top of growing up on hit TV reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, and has created an aura of indelible charm. When you’re your own best influencer, it seems nothing can go wrong.


She is, of course, still 21. Yet her recent posts about her rap-star partner’s rumored cheating on her seems to keep her in a world of believability and enhances her fandom; her PR awareness has yet to make significant dents in her online persona, as the billion-dollar mark indicates. But even superinfluencers are ultimately beholden to their integrity, so her greatest tests may not have come yet, given the media spotlight always shining on her and her intriguing family, and the many challenges that come your way with fame.


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Dracula Blood is Life.

Vivaldi supported an innovative stage production in Asia with big publicity and online outreach through its promotion of Dracula: Blood is Life. The show next moves to Singapore!

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PR awards industry recognition for Thailand’s best PR agency.

Vivaldi has been named as Thailand’s top PR agency in the area of sports by the Asia 2016 Sports Industry Awards. The company won the award for its work in Thailand, having delivered superb communication results for major sporting events such as the Phuket King’s Cup Regatta (agency of record for 11 years), and The Music RunTM (reappointed for the 3rd consecutive year).

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The informal slang of digital business.

English is the language of business and of science, of medicine, law and literature. It is simultaneously sophisticated, simple, elegant, powerful. Something that has developed slowly over aeons to become the primary means of communication has been refined to a perfect art and science, the spirit of pure and essential communication, politeness and human progress.

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Micro-Influencers prove bigger is not always better.

Celebrity endorsers and social media superstars may seem like the ultimate coup when it comes to corporate online branding and marketing. After all, the bigger the better, right? Not necessarily. Not all that glitters in the popularity stakes online is digital marketing gold. The growing might of micro-influencers is proving that authentic communities are often packing a more powerful punch with greater engagement; the ultimate goal of successful digital marketing.

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Facebook, Twitter & Google sponsored ads.

Paid media, as part of an integrated PESO campaign is an accepted and expected part of your marketing strategy. So much so that those companies who hold back are potentially missing out on great opportunities. Online paid media is often avoided by those who lack knowledge of what admittedly is an ever-changing landscape. There is also, in some purist quarters, an old-fashioned persistence that good PR is ‘free’ PR. This is a mistake.

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You’ve still got mail in 2016!

Smartphone use is reinvigorating email marketing and SMEs are upping the time, energy and budgets to reach markets via their inboxes. The time to start an email campaign is now. That’s the message being broadcast in the 2016 Email Marketing Insights Study.

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9 tips for media relations success.

How do you get your marketing message not only heard but relayed through publications? How do you capture the attention of busy journalists so that they publish your marketing efforts? How do you improve media relations so that your marketing strategies succeed? The media is a company’s loudspeaker, amplifying what you have to say loud and clear so your target market can hear and ultimately respond.

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Marketing in 2016 integrated digital strategies.

Marketing professionals concocting digital marketing recipes early enough have time to experiment. Leave it too late and results might be far from impressive. In 2016, traditional marketing ideas are being reinvented with innovative technology to appeal to the tastes of digital appetites. These new trends are changing the future of marketing.

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Facebook likes Thailand.

“Thailand is a country with a vibrant, creative community and the people are entrepreneurial and highly connected – Thailand is one of the most engaged nations on Facebook across the world.”

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