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PR, intrinsically

A career in public relations often springs from a passion for making connections, and the ability and interest in reaching out and socialising and prioritizing friendships. Although those naturally inclined to marketing may not have been top sportspeople or academic overachievers in their school days, they had a knack for getting – and staying – in the loop.


Relating to people


Even though the stakes are higher, those who make the natural shift into specialising in public relations are essentially just elevating their natural talent to a higher level, where profits are to be made and customers can become better informed of the products and serves that are a part of daily life. The focus may involve pitching contracts and sealing deals, but forging and keeping human relations remains the most essential quality and comes from being a people person.


Know your worth


Deciding what you want to charge is a key issue. Be firm, but flexible to a degree, and know what the going rate is so you can market yourself accordingly and reflective of what you can deliver. And make sure to back up your promises with a solid team. At the very least, this means a good graphic designer, plus a writer skilled in presenting just the right message to the clients you’ll need to impress and in turn your firm will share impressive stories about. Make sure to keep your accounts in order as well and have someone who will remind you of and track expenditures and expected ROI.


Stay the course


Failure is endemic to start-ups. When initial numbers don’t seem to add up as you thought they would, don’t worry, and experiment with a few tactical shifts. Just remember the most important thing – selling yourself – and stay focused, as all it takes is one strong contact and breakout success you can use as a case study, to help you stand out in a field that’s all about being noticed.


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Our award-winning communications team blends human interactions & digital engagement seamlessly to produce results for brands.

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Travel with your face

Commuters in China are gliding through the air – four metres off the ground, to be exact – with the greatest of ease, thanks to new facial-recognition technology that has been synched up with in the subway system in the north-central city of Yinchuan, bringing a degree of greater automation to the capital of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. Trial runs have run smoothly and are being heralded as one more example of Chinese industry and electronic potential. Engineers and government officials say more systems are expected to be introduced throughout the country. Guangzhou in southern China recently also rolled out smile-activated technology in a couple of metro stations in a pilot system that also shows promise of being able to be widely adapted.


Huawei rides high


Created by hi-tech transportations firm BYD in cooperation with China’s global telecom firm Huawei, Yinchuan’s metro system represents an exciting future of possibilities for the smartphone manufacturer, which stands at the forefront of a global revolution, in which Chinese IT technology continues to provide global leadership in innovative systems for digital marketing and sales automation.


A boon for advertisers


With needing to pay for tickets less of a chore and topping up all the easier, commuters will have more time to consider how to spend their income in a country rapidly becoming cashless. Coupled with e-business giant Alibaba opening mega-shops using similar facial-recognition technology to make financial transactions smoother in stores as well as online, the future is very much now when it comes to convenience for buyers and those who want to advertise products and services to travellers in a growing area of public places. Alibaba also recently opened its first store in Europe, as the firm continues making inroads into new markets in developed nations.


The Human & Digital Communications Agency

Our award-winning communications team blends human interactions & digital engagement seamlessly to produce results for brands.

Best PR Agency Delivering PR | Social | Digital. 

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All change with Facebook and its algorithm for advertisers

Facebook’s recent purge of clickbait and the reprioritizing of deep content and posts by friends could make quality content relevant on the platform once more.

Facebook is forcing people to create quality and relevant content. The social media giant recently unveiled its biggest news feed algorithm change to date; it now favors content from friends and family over posts from companies and politicized material. So where does this leave advertisers?

Facebook has said that the new changes will not affect paid posts on the platform, although CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) may increase. The changes are aimed at removing clickbait; those annoying shouty adds that use either controversial titles or make ridiculous claims as to the product’s benefits. They have long frustrated users, often appearing higher in the news feed than posts from friends or loved ones. Facebook won’t admit it publically, but it’s an effort to stem people moving away from the site, which some see as now being an endlessly repetitive space for dreary pointlessness, and so don’t bother to look at it.

Brands already know that they get little visibility from unpaid content on Facebook. Organic content doesn’t work as well as paid posts for sure. However the new move may make some headway into leaning back into these two truisms. Brands will probably have to abandon push marketing and create content that potential customers value or wish to see.

There is a lot of concern in the online space with marketers globally surrounding this issue. Many are preparing to advise clients to move part of their tactical spend to Instagram, Snapchat or other channels. This is interesting as it may turn out to create the exact result that Facebook didn’t want, and so the situation will continue to evolve.

We would say that there is no cause for panic. The correct content (now able to be deeper, of better quality and therefore better able to connect to consumers in our clients’ target markets) and correctly targeted will continue to drive success for brand building and sales growth on the FB channel.

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Going to Extremes with a Winning Agency

Vivaldi CEO competes in the largest race in Southeast Asia, to finally claim first prize

DESPITE its awful past, the infamous River Kwai’s ‘death’ railway built by WWII prisoners is an ideal location for the River Kwai Trophy Adventure Race, the largest race in Southeast Asia.

Vivaldi CEO was not always into endurance sports, but after becoming overweight and unhealthy he decided to get fit and enter the race for the first time. That was 11 years ago. It was the toughest thing he’d ever done, but was hooked from then on.

In 2015, his friend Ross Cain and he decided to team up under the name “Atlast” with the purpose of winning the Grand Masters of the River Kwai Race. He was super-fit, coming off cycling the 1200 km Audax France in under 70 hours. They trained hard in the midday sun for five hours at a time, so by race day were in top shape. Despite a serious cycling crash in which Ross cracked his elbow and Joseph had a concussion, they came in 3rd place.

In 2016, they tried again, leading the race for five hours until Joseph’s legs cramped in the final river swim just a few hundred meters from the finish line. It hurt to lose like that.

At the registration for 2017, they saw teams entering from Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia and France. That night, a huge tropical storm rolled in. In an adventure race, you don’t know distances, routes or order of the swim, bike, kayak, obstacles or trails. You just deal with it as it comes. In this year’s race, they started with a run that crossed the Bridge over the River Kwai to the main plaza where tourists looked on.

When the MC finally announced at the finish, “Team Atlast has finished in 1st place in the Grand Masters Division”, hands rose in the air and both team members shouted at the top of their lungs! It has been 11 years in the making and finally a first ever win. The team had conquered Asia’s Largest Race at the Bridge over the River Kwai!


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