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Essentials : Dealing with customer complaints

As a business, you want to give your customers the best products, services and care as possible. This is the same for all kinds of businesses – whether you’re a retail business, a hospitality business or a service based business like a PR agency. Even though you might take the necessary steps to ensure a happy customer experience, there will always be unsatisfied customers – there might be an issue with your product or service, a delay or maybe a simple miscommunication.


Customer is king, and when a customer is unhappy, you need to address their grievances in order to prevent customer loss. Unhappy customers might also spread the word, which is definitely bad PR and can cause you to lose potential customers too. Here are some essential tips for dealing with unhappy customers.


Listen to what your customer has to say


When a customer has a complaint, you have to listen carefully and put your emotions aside – it is essential that you remain calm even if the customer is screaming their lungs out. Do not respond aggressively because this will only make your customer more upset. Complaints are not always verbal, it can also be written through emails or even reviews on various channels online. Pay attention to all the complaints you receive, this will help you understand the problem. With a better understanding of the problem, you can work on solutions to help avoid such complaints in the future.


Accept and offer help


Whether it is your business at fault, a product malfunction, or your customer was just unlucky to have a bad experience, apologize for any inconvenience caused. When you do this, you show your customer that you acknowledge their feelings. Don’t just stop at that, thank your customer for their feedback and also let them know that you will help them make the issue right.


Every problem has a solution


Now matter how complicated an issue is, there’s always a solution. Whether it is replacing a malfunctioning product, offering a refund, or something else, finding a suitable solution to make your customer happy is essential because leaving the issue unresolved could result in losing that customer.


Ask more questions to the customer and get them to talk about their problem. As you keep the conversation going, you will find it easier to get to the root of the problem. And you most definitely want your customers talking to potential customers about how well the issue was handled.


Follow up


After the complaint is handled and your customer agrees with the solution offered, you need to follow up. By doing so, you show your customer that you truly care about them. Making them happy can earn you a loyal customer for life and they will be sure to spread the word about.


How you deal with customer complaints can completely change the way your business is perceived. Address issues quickly and work with the customer to find a solution that is satisfactory. Fixing issues effectively can help with customer retention and also boost your business reputation.


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So, we did scratch the surface of this subject on our last post. Ever since the evolution of everything in and around the digital sphere, Marketing and PR have been working along very similar lines, with parallel goals in mind but few have fully embraced what’s next. Change is coming. “Change” is a petrifying concept to most but with marketing and PR looking to integrate more closely than ever before over the course of the next few years, the best thing for PR and marketing professionals to do is embrace the change that is inevitable and stay ahead of the game.


Whose game is it?


With rapid integration brewing, we believe that it is an open playing field at the moment . However, PR does have an advantage when it comes to the “human-factor” in communication as we are traditionally the experts in story-telling, which we believe is essential in communicating with people and keeping them engaged on any platform, be it traditional, digital or social.


Playground: Thailand


Thailand is one of the largest markets in Southeast Asia. The people of Thailand love their social media with recent studies showing that over 79% of the population has access to the Internet and over 71% are active social media users, which is way above the global average of 45% of the population. With these statistics, we don’t see influencer marketing going away anytime soon in Thailand and building lasting relationships with the most aspirational of influencers is the way forward. 


When we say influencers, we don’t just mean celebrities. With the continuing rise of social media, we see a vast number of micro-influencers creating an impact. Travel bloggers, Youtubers, fashion bloggers, food bloggers, Tik Tok artists – the digital world is their platform and they are the ones to watch out for right now. 


What’s next?


The first step to embracing the future for PR is to integrate marketing, social media and digital media and develop communication strategies and campaigns that work effectively for brands online, in traditional media, and face-to-face with consumers. This is something Vivaldi Integrated PR understands full well and we are focused on changing the game and taking the lead in this new integrated world.


The Human & Digital Communications Agency

Our award-winning communications team blends human interactions & digital engagement seamlessly to produce results for brands.

Best PR Agency Delivering PR | Social | Digital. 

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This just in: platforms come and go but it’s what you say that matters most. In a new report summarising the opinions of journalists, content quality topped the list of key KPIs, receiving one of every four votes. IT matters were also of concern to media-industry professionals, specifically meeting in-house goals of regularly publishing a particular number of original articles online, and the need to have and maintain a robust social media presence.


Please pass the press release


Most journalists agree that the most reliable sources for extracting information for the articles they write are press releases. PR agencies should take note and remember how their key products are being used if they are ever accused of being spin doctors. In an age with sources of veracity less clear and questions on authenticity on the rise, earning and maintaining a good reputation is a rarer commodity. Social media platforms are by comparison trusted as the best source of news by 10 per cent of the media.


Business as usual


In addition to the primary role of content, a lot of classic nuts and bolts of journalism remain in place, despite significant shifts in how information is presented and shared. Investigative research, in-depth interviews with and quotes from contacts already known and trusted by journalists remain highly valued. In terms of what’s being seen and consumed, also retaining high popularity are photos with a high resolution, videos and infographics. Journalists also value their own contacts with fellow members of the media. Even in an age of differentiated audiences and loss of advertising income, and beyond readership metrics, a classic, content-focused core remains most relevant to storytelling.


The Human & Digital Communications Agency

Our award-winning communications team blends human interactions & digital engagement seamlessly to produce results for brands.

Best PR Agency Delivering PR | Social | Digital. 

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Basic PR tips for small startups

When you’re just setting out there with an entrepreneurial idea and limited budgets, you have a lot to handle just getting the project or platform ready, never mind choosing marketing channels or putting together an effective PR strategy. There are a few simple tips however that will help your startup attract potential online exposure, at least in a small way that will set the stage for your project growth. You don’t need to invest hundreds of hours in learning all about PR; just a few simple takeaways.

1.) Key messages are the most important thing

Key messages are the statements about your product or service that are arranged in an easy to understand fashion that quickly communicates what you are all about. If you’re not sure how to compose a key message, imagine someone asks you this question: “If you would like the world to know only one thing about your company or product, what would it be?” Whatever you answer will be your key message, or another way to understand it would be as the headline of your first press release

2.) You can use more than one key message

Usually you will have one overarching key message, which functions as your overall communication summary. However, you can use additional important messages (called sub-messages) which also convey other important information about your startup. Imagine that the key message is the headline to your press release and the 2-3 sub messages are the bullet points arranged just below your headline message.

3.) DIY PR is perfectly okay at the outset

Social media has made everyone their own publicist, so where in the past you would have had to pay a lot of money for advertising or magazine advertorials, now this buzz can spread for free over your social channels (if your messages are on point and people find them interesting).

4.) Content is important for everything

At the beginning when cash is tight, you are going to be writing everything yourself, and that’s perfectly fine.  All of the content you put on your website should support your key messages, so keep information short and sweet and make sure everything points back to your overall communication direction, which is your key message. The content will flow easily then and people will not be overwhelmed (hence bored) with pages of text.

5.) Outsource your editing or proofing to cheap freelancers

It’s always helpful to have someone else review and make slight changes to your content, as they will probably see errors to which you are oblivious. Sites like fiverr give you the option of getting semi-pro writers to look over your stuff and suggest ways it can be improved in terms of general positioning of your content and messaging.

6.) When you’re ready to up your game and grow your business

Public Relations does one thing, and that is to amplify the message. When you’re at a point when there is some interest in your startup and you really need to launch properly, this is the perfect time to engage with a PR firm.


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