The customer is always right…

While this truism with its heart in the right place has never been entirely correct, it has gained new justification…
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While this truism with its heart in the right place has never been entirely correct, it has gained new justification in the era of digital marketing, when databases have allowed communications professionals to track purchases and preferences like never before. With a wealth of information available on what customers value, and what websites hold their attention the longest and where they are buying and lingering, it should be much easier to keep customers satisfied.


‘The customer should always have a valued experience’ might be a good way of updating the message for modern digital marketing companies. Customer experience is more important than ever: nine of 10 providers of leading PR firms think that a meaningful journey for customers who interact with brands on multiple fronts and through various channels leads to increased loyalty and many happy returns. Eight-nine percent of them also say such positive interaction significantly affects economic growth.


Social media and social media marketing agencies should, of course, optimize social interactions. Influencers can have positive influence rather than simply be effective at reeling in new buyers. Beyond ‘targeting’ audiences, remember to personalize when appropriate. Activating channels and making efficient use of AI should not mean dehumanizing operations – many customers still value a personal approach and face-to-face interactions.


Know your customers. Make their interactions pleasant, and maybe if they may not always necessarily be correct on every occasion, chances are high they’ll keep coming back for your products and services.


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