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For digital marketers, content is more than sum of its parts and SEO, of course. It’s also linked to integration.…

For digital marketers, content is more than sum of its parts and SEO, of course. It’s also linked to integration. Ideally, good content spans departments, picking up the best contributions overall. Some marketing experts suggest interdepartmental teams meet regularly to get all the right verticals working in the best ways, cross-pollinating in ways that enhance the ability of any business or organization to share its key messages with others.


Content that virtually self-disseminates


With attractive campaigns and messaging that takes into account the main objectives of key experts and stakeholders, the content created and posted and shared companies and spread by influencers will resonate more naturally and be in a better position to achieve success.


Content as stories told well


This blurs the lines between news articles and videos and advertisements in ways that can more easily be capitalized on, when storytelling devices and keywords are synched in ways that add up to better, more memorable customer experiences. Indeed, the fullest interaction with buyers now involves feedback from and interaction with in ways richer than envisioned just a couple of years ago, now that social media application is becoming more sophisticated among digital marketers. And big data facilitates sharing of what customers want and value in terms of interest and bottom-line spending.


Content that keeps giving


A key component of content marketing today takes into account how buyers want more interesting stories, and generated from fellow end users, or through less overt advertising, and more of an entertaining but informative approach. For example, a car manufacturers will help customers stay up to date on the latest restaurants, travel hotspots and other destinations within reach by automobile. For public relations professionals, semi-promotional articles and soft sells that don’t explicitly promote products create ever-widening circles of sells friends and contacts whose products and services are more directly talked up in these articles, and who will remember you next time.


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