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The values listed in the Preamble of the Public Relations Society of America (PSRA) continue to provide timeless advice that…
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The values listed in the Preamble of the Public Relations Society of America (PSRA) continue to provide timeless advice that can prove useful for navigating the uncertain seas of today’s world. Far from old-fashioned, they represent ideas that can provide clarity for professionals caught up in the spin cycle or find themselves outpaced by the digitally savvy or hyper-networked among rising influencers. For every move in which IT-focused, AI-enhanced protocol and big data threatens to disrupt traditional business patterns, the more innovations can arise for those prepared to take risks, if tethered to some of the most essential of key messages listed in the Preamble, a few of which are addressed here…




Advocacy often seems these days to have been subcontracted by default to influencers, customers writing peer reviews, social media platforms, and a Gen Z getting a feel for their algorithm-assisted moral compass and wanting companies to focus more on, for example, CSR and taking better care of the environment. PR firms increasingly need to up their game to remain relevant advocates for clients, by harnessing big data to analyze and accurately project spending patterns and the behavior of potential customers, and maintain and update better lists of new-gen publishers and persuaders with a finger on the pulse of today’s trends.


Honesty & Independence


Facts are everywhere these days, oftentimes therefore cheap, and yet in other instances harder to confirm thanks to the fake news phenomenon. The deeper and more meaningful facts will be carefully cultivated, not copy-pasted, and based on critical reasoning and analysis. And, needless to say, enticingly presented. As always, decisive and discreet selected sharing of information remains appropriate. Another listed PSRA value is the independence to provide counsel to whom one choses. As always, it pays to represent clients who are aligned with your own mission and have messages worth amplifying.


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