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There’s no way to dazzle followers like sharing an extended version of one of life’s most romantic if not always…
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There’s no way to dazzle followers like sharing an extended version of one of life’s most romantic if not always completely surprising events, live online. So when Instagram fashion influencer Marissa Casey Fuchs’ fiancé popped the question, the biggest butterflies-in-stomach moments may have been for those tracking the financial impact on her big-name clients, as it seems safe to assume that the event was planned in advance by the couple. Judging from the enthusiastic reception from her fan base, and the free news coverage that ensued, it was one clever idea.


The client and the influencer


With more than 160,000 followers on Instagram, Fuchs has a long reach. As publicists become more of a part of the story themselves, as companies are able to gain a good following by simply dedicating a few employees to managing their social media accounts in-house, and as images and messages are more easily streamed by anyone for any practically any purpose, just who is promoting whom becomes an intriguing question. Going into a partnership with an another party, the reputation of the more renowned one tends to more significantly affect the less well-known one, or, in the case of two parties on more or less equal footing, it’s a matter of building opportunity, one relationship at a time. Who the greater influencer of them is, is an open question.


Every move you make


Fuch’s smoothly choreographed engagement was closely followed by her fans, and earned her new ones. The elegant gold necklaces studded with diamonds that were part of the story, the places the couple dined, and other personal details all became part of a brand-focused experience and story. While it may not have been a surprise, the engagement still sparkled, judging by the approving posts of followers, and generated its own feel-good PR, proving that this Instagramer is indeed the FashionAmbitionist she bills herself as.


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