2019 trends for PR and marketing professionals

Increase your micro-video content   With video expecting to make up to 80 percent of all internet traffic by the…
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Increase your micro-video content


With video expecting to make up to 80 percent of all internet traffic by the end of 2019, PR and marketing communications professionals should be prioritizing image over text. Not only do videos make websites 53 times more visible, but studies show that the human brain can process a full image in 13 seconds; less time than it takes to blink. Our minds are highly receptive to images; just notice the popularity of micro-video apps TikTok, Dubsmash and Vigo Video. With teenage influencers increasingly turning to micro-video, time and investment should be placed connecting with this media – and this powerful audience.


Merge your PR and marketing


The worlds of PR and marketing are merging, with more PR companies adding digital and social capabilities to round their offering. With SEO optimization, blogging, online content strategy and PESO brought into the mix, PR companies are able to better address client needs. Meanwhile marketing agencies are leaning towards influencer and KOL strategy, with many brand launches now incorporating celebrity brand ambassador endorsement. Whether you work in PR or marketing, do consider widening your skillset to offer a one-stop solution for clients.


Look to Southeast Asia


With internet penetration and the hunger for social media and mobile technology increasing in Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia, PR and marketing communications professionals are urged to shift focus to Southeast Asia. Although China and India were previously seen as boom markets, the popularity of low-cost smartphone tech and improved access to mobile data plans brings Southeast Asia into the spotlight.


Integrate augmented reality


Virtual reality continues to develop, with augmented (mixed) reality already seen trending in the likes of fitness apps, online fashion tutorials and corporate training. There’s also a real potential for virtual travel, which could revolutionize the leisure sector. Although VR and AR have not yet by any means matured, if you can begin to integrate this technology now it will really demonstrate your customer insight.


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