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Gen Z and Millennial netizens are coming to terms with some of the less satisfying aspects of their online lives,…
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Gen Z and Millennial netizens are coming to terms with some of the less satisfying aspects of their online lives, and working out ways to better find genuine connections and a new sense of community – things that, indeed, the Internet is supposed to be all about. A new study reveals a range of conflicting thoughts about time spent in cyberspace, and how it can perhaps become a happier place.


Can’t live with it, can’t live without it


Over half of respondents feel that overall online experiences make them feel less happy, yet almost just as many people said that they can’t imagine a life in which they don’t maintain at least one social media account. One big issue is how the technology helps spread images of perfect bodies adorned with perfect outfits and accessories, which can lead to thoughts of not quite measuring up among those exposed to them.


Perfectly imperfect


Four of 10 respondents said that they wished apps for editing photos and videos didn’t exist. Brands are reacting to the overabundance of picture-perfect influencers and amazingly adorned if somewhat intimidating models by keeping images realer in an attempt to not turn off potential customers.


Warning: ‘likes’ up ahead


Editing is still valued when it comes to the opinions of friends and others, though – tact remains a genuine enhancement. One of the survey’s most significant responses was how more than four in five people reported how they said their mood was affected by the numbers and percentages of likes that their social media posts received, and the types of comments they generated. In a world where more clothing is being bought and ideas exchanged online, it pays to make sure the words and images out there are making people happy.


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