Mastering the art of making sales online

While more and more online shoppers are increasingly aloof in terms of loyalty to particular companies, more and more companies…
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While more and more online shoppers are increasingly aloof in terms of loyalty to particular companies, more and more companies are turning to cheaper, in-house and, yes, often less effective strategies for marketing. This is in turn oft leading to even more reasons for customers to look elsewhere for the products and services they want, and thus help perpetuate the cycle. The nature of how society seeks, finds, decides on and markets what’s for sale, is changing dramatically.


Wild West of e-commerce


As the nature of business transactions shifts more to faceless, electronic platforms, without human-to-human negotiations and other social aspects, the more the behaviour of consumers is changing. People have different norms online than they do in the real world, and are more likely to hold out for better offers, or, in some cases, seal the deal more quickly for convenience’s sake. But it’s also much easier to leave a website than to leave an actual store, as there’s even less pressure to stick around and feign interest after it slips away, and salespeople have fewer methods of encouraging you to stay and consider making a purchase. By the same token, you can linger on websites without being approached by salespeople, and slowly consider the deal that’s best for you.


Bending over backwards for buyers


As a result, websites will try to attract in customers with sweeter deals and more promo points good for reaping rewards another day, and have to match the rising standards and expectations of customers, who know that the better companies will market their wares in ways in which the bottom line is more clear, along with the goodness of the deal being struck.


Why should I buy from you?


Whether in-house marketing teams have the content-creation, networking and logistical abilities to promote their companies is a question that many CEOs are now grappling with. The potential ROI windfall of hiring a professional marketing firm to represent your company for your next big campaign, while still significant, must be compared to what happens to a “sure thing” that fails to attract sufficient attention. In today’s PR climate, the marketability of products and services can be unclear, even if their quality is not. Who you know and how you send messages still matters. Along with a lot of little and big things known and unknown, thanks to the newness and uncertainty of what e-business actually is, and will become…


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