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What PR firm should we go with? The same old question is still being asked by business owners today. The…
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What PR firm should we go with? The same old question is still being asked by business owners today. The fundamentals of the decisions on which they base the answer to these questions are largely the same, but not in all aspects. The nature of how ideas are sold has shifted a lot in an era in which so much is done through the Internet. But influence is still influence, and it still all comes down to the bottom line. Here are a few key tips to keep in mind…


Know your customers


Big data is allowing this truism to come of age like never before. Just keep it decent – buyers are turned off by the idea of being tracked, but love convenience and something that appeals just to them. Knowledge of consumer behaviour is therefore critical, but shouldn’t reach the point at which it negatively impacts business. Maintaining a balance is the key to success in this regard.


B2B or B2C?


That’s a good question. The answer should take a lot of factors into account, including a PR firm’s ability to get articles and adverts placed in the right publications, strength of connections with influencers, and other aspects that come down to how much they can help a company connect with their target audience – and, even better, also make buyers in marketplaces new ones they hadn’t fully envisioned yet. Look for professionalism and flexibility in the firm you choose; these traits of good PR firms will help tap the right markets at the right time, no matter if B2B, B2C, or some combo of the two ends up being used.


The personal touch or AI?


Both. While meeting clients, making pitches, maintaining good customer-service relations and sealing deals still often comes down to the irreplaceable, unquantifiable nuances of face-to-face encounters, the reach and influence of AI continues expanding, and greatly expands the earning potential and reputation of firms that skillfully make use of it. It’s a brave, new PR world out there, but not as different as the old one as you may think.


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