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More than four out of five Internet users have unfollowed a firm. The number one reason for the digital ostracisation,…
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More than four out of five Internet users have unfollowed a firm. The number one reason for the digital ostracisation, for two-thirds of those who have turned their backs on once favoured firms, is lack of compelling content. The challenge to e-marketers and the companies they represent couldn’t be clearer: know your audience.


That’s a lot of information


Big data makes it possible now for providers of any kind of product or service to know their customers well. Really well. Such info is not simply available from competent acquiring and using of data on buyers’ preferences, but also available through good, old-fashioned customer outreach, which is also aided and enabled by the Internet. There’s simply no excuse for companies to have a lack of connections to their customers, since their preferences directly impact ROI.


Social media, of course


The most effective strategies these days for staying in touch with, surveying for ideas from, and offering deals to customers involves a significant online competent, with a strong focus on social media sites. No matter whether this is taken care of in-house, at least partially, or subcontracted out to PR firms, the bottom line is that a digital presence is crucial. Without one, firms risk isolating themselves from the growing ranks of digital natives entering the e-marketplace, and older buyers becoming increasingly savvy at ordering things with their computer without needing to visit shops.


Shopping online


The technology and e-commerce websites making use of it are making shopping from home or work, or while commuting or on vacation, an increasingly viable and convenient option, for everything under the sun.


The customer is always right


This truism has taken on new currency, and not so much when there is a difference of opinion, but because now more than ever those opinions are knowable, accessible and sortable. The most in-the-know companies these days are those who can build and sustain unbreakable customer relations based on mutual satisfaction and happiness that fits to a T.


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