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The easy pull of influencer marketing via social media is undeniable. This simple, easy and free way to get to-the-point…
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The easy pull of influencer marketing via social media is undeniable. This simple, easy and free way to get to-the-point advice on a dizzying array of things you can buy online and in the real world is undeniable. But a lack of oversight and ways of verifying claims made makes the advice of these pundits questionable. Customers are ready to take away their support at a moment’s notice, creating an air of unpredictability in a system already marked by a lack of accountability.


Unignorably persuasive


Over three-fourths of Internet users have made a purchase of some kind based on the advice of influencers. Just under 60 per cent of these online shoppers claim to make it a habit of regularly following these influencers though, preferring to shop around in terms of where they get their advice from. The lack of loyalty additionally creates erratic conditions in the realm of online shopping, as key influencers battle it out to see who can gain a long-term reputation for consistently offering the best advice.


The authenticity thing


Too many influencers are seen as being insincere and less than fully knowledgeable about the products and services they promote and pan. Great majorities of online shoppers crave authenticity. Yet few influencers are seen as possessing it. Although the freedom of the Internet and free-wheeling atmosphere of influence peddling is attractive in many respects to both generators and receivers of influential news and reviews, without a more organised system for vouching for information, the nature of ideas shared online about things we want to buy is likely to remain awash with disruptions.


It’s who you know


Seven out of 10 people report trusting the opinions of influencers more than friends in real life. A veneer of trust and authority is afforded to those bold enough to tell us what they think about products and services we want. But it’s an easily broken bond, and one consumers are eager to replace with more reliable sources of information. If only we could determine and decide on what they are…


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