How to attract the right PR talents

Today’s PR world is marked by disruption. The art of branding and storytelling for marketing purposes is in flux. The…
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Today’s PR world is marked by disruption. The art of branding and storytelling for marketing purposes is in flux. The multifaceted skills needed to succeed in digital advertising these days – attention to the smallest details, and a strong sense of flexibility, for example – are just the starting points. Plummeting attention spans make it all the harder to succeed in this world of influential publicists. In looking for the right team to best address these needs, there are several factors that will help persuade prospective employees that your firm is the right place to work.


Company culture


PR firms that want to attract the best talents need to put their best foot forward. Chances are there are more perks for new hires than is spelled out. Agencies should prioritise putting together lists highlighting their key selling points. Beyond the usual perks regarding salary and benefits that are addressed during interviews, public relations agencies should make a point of emphasising the unique ways in which their employees form teams and work together, from collaborating on pitches and brainstorming sessions to fine-tuning key messages and final details on creating the products and events that will keep clients coming back for more of the same.


Take a look around


The best PR companies won’t need to struggle in playing up their assets. The fact that they offer a great place to work will be obvious from the details shared about the company culture, and future trends. One simple but important detail not to be overlooked or underestimated is offering prospective employees a tour of the workplace, which goes far in reinforcing all the right messages shared during the interview. A physical environment that is conducive to productivity in comfortable conditions can be meaningfully glimpsed in a walkthrough that backs up points made by the boss or HR team far beyond their words alone.


Dazzle with social media


An impressive company culture should be clearly evidenced online. A good PR firm’s values, success stories and latest projects should be reflected in their Internet presence, including the company website and social media platforms. This is how the top companies attract and retain clients, and should be obvious to any potential employee.


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