The art and spin of financial PR

What’s a generally financially solid, reputable firm to do when the bottom line has bottomed out and your ROI has…
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What’s a generally financially solid, reputable firm to do when the bottom line has bottomed out and your ROI has gone AWOL? Call in the financial PR pros. The good news is that there’s almost always some legitimately positive news that can come out of seemingly lesser numbers, and other numbers even more helpful that can be uncovered and spotlighted.


A numbers game


Monthly ups and downs often don’t fully account for a company’s long-term, less quantifiable real worth, let alone the next big thing in development, which will show R&D money spent – make that “investment” – and the profits expected to follow. Moreover, statistics on hand that fairly ‘tell things like they are’ need to be chosen carefully yet creatively, in order to put the most impressive stats first. There’s no sense of tapping big data and paying for algorithmic programs that analyze well, if you’re not going to fund a way to let digital marketers compellingly tell the story of a firm by selectively using the best available stats.


Angles are everything


Far from mere digits and decimals, numbers tell their own stories, depending on the way they are presented as part of an overall thematic. They are creative characters in a story. Many are not known, and would give a good impression if more widely known. So discover them. What’s the average length of an employee’s tenure at your company? What are wage hikes like? Is there a CSR component that demonstrates a certain return of profits to the community? These indicators of good health that can be told in conjunction and back up the more standard information shared regularly in reports with shareholders and stockholders.


Performance metrics and prudence


Not all statistics need to be shared. Not all information that is not shared is negative. Much good news remains unknown and untold. The future is uncertain. But not entirely. So speculate in a way that puts on the image you want to project, mindful of information that competitors are not tapping and exploiting. Optimism matters. While the value of numbers may be absolute, the beneficial ways in which they are presented are countless.


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