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This just in: platforms come and go but it’s what you say that matters most. In a new report summarising…

This just in: platforms come and go but it’s what you say that matters most. In a new report summarising the opinions of journalists, content quality topped the list of key KPIs, receiving one of every four votes. IT matters were also of concern to media-industry professionals, specifically meeting in-house goals of regularly publishing a particular number of original articles online, and the need to have and maintain a robust social media presence.


Please pass the press release


Most journalists agree that the most reliable sources for extracting information for the articles they write are press releases. PR agencies should take note and remember how their key products are being used if they are ever accused of being spin doctors. In an age with sources of veracity less clear and questions on authenticity on the rise, earning and maintaining a good reputation is a rarer commodity. Social media platforms are by comparison trusted as the best source of news by 10 per cent of the media.


Business as usual


In addition to the primary role of content, a lot of classic nuts and bolts of journalism remain in place, despite significant shifts in how information is presented and shared. Investigative research, in-depth interviews with and quotes from contacts already known and trusted by journalists remain highly valued. In terms of what’s being seen and consumed, also retaining high popularity are photos with a high resolution, videos and infographics. Journalists also value their own contacts with fellow members of the media. Even in an age of differentiated audiences and loss of advertising income, and beyond readership metrics, a classic, content-focused core remains most relevant to storytelling.


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