Death-defying influence

How far will you go for that unforgettable photo that puts you far above – like, really far above –…

How far will you go for that unforgettable photo that puts you far above – like, really far above – your garden-variety influencer? Kelly Castille and Kody Workman, a traveling couple passionate about exploring and dramatically documenting breathtakingly beautiful locales around the world and blogging as Positravelty, have done it again, coming up with an audacious photograph that defies belief. In a real cliffhanger, the mesmerising shot shows Kody firmly seated on terra firma, with his significant other appearing to have somehow just reached him after floating through on air to greet him. Beneath Kelly lies a great chasm.


Crazy or epic?


The gorgeously otherworldly setting for the duo’s latest jaw-dropping shot is the Laguna Humantay in the Peruvian Andes, a timeless land of rolling mists, deep and colourful gorges and nature at its wildest. Earlier this year, Kody briefly dangled Kelly above another abyss just beyond an infinity pool that also looked like the edge of the universe in an equally beautiful if rather more discovered holiday location: Bali. The couple says the drop was not as far as some say it looks, though. While the perfect selfie and opportunity to have it admired on social media has tempted a significant number of fame seekers to put themselves in provocative and at-time dangerous positions, that have sometimes resulted in death, Positraveltry says they always careful check environmental conditions to ensure that they are not endangering their lives.


On the edge of marketing


Positravelty’s philosophy behind the photo is classic marketing that creates conditions and a story that is hard not to talk about, no matter what your opinion on the safety factors may be. There’s no such thing as bad publicity, as the expression goes. The couple strikes an image of fearlessness, loudly applauding the notion of taking risks when warranted, tempting followers to channel their inner Indiana Jones, or at least engage in armchair escapism at home and, of course, remember to check their blog for the latest exciting adventure. “There is a difference between risking your life and taking a risk at having one,” they unapologetically ask. “We know which side we would rather be on, do you?”


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