Putting the R in ROI

Not all pitches lead to contracts, not all “sure things” guarantee results and not all leads lead to sales. When…

Not all pitches lead to contracts, not all “sure things” guarantee results and not all leads lead to sales. When investments in time, energy and hard, cold cash don’t add up to what you had hoped for – or even the chance to break even, in some cases – it may be time to recheck some of the fundamentals and shore up the positives before venturing back into the wilderness.


Seal the deal


There are many non-invasive treatments for coaxing leads into verifiable results. Key among them is to know everything you can about a potential client, and present a package in such a way that appeals to them and their core and potential customers and core values. Once the hook has been dangled, make sure to follow up and sweeten the bait with additional incentives such as a sign-up discount, while finding a way to differentiate yourself from the competition with a unique selling point, and confidence (even if it may be lacking now and then).


Just for starters


Let customers know that the deal they sign with is just the beginning and that things gets better the deeper the relationship with your company gets. ROI should increase in time as companies get to know each other and promote the kinds of connectivity between teams that boosts productivity. Initial conversations about the initial deal can also be complemented by inquires about the road ahead and potential future extension plans.


Impress online


How does your company’s website look these days? Does it use wording and formatting contribute to good SEO rankings? Is your firm represented well on social media sites? Make sure to have an online presence that is constantly up-to-date, easily logged on to, and smooth to interface with. Only when windows of opportunity are big and open for business can the future look more certain, and help compensate for when you need the occasional reboot.


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