A digital marketing prescription for Big Pharma

Everyone’s on social media – or just about. As more and more companies find ways to tap new markets and…

Everyone’s on social media – or just about. As more and more companies find ways to tap new markets and maximise ROI for existing ones, healthcare is one major industry that is slow in coming around to making full use of its digital marketing potential. Many of the biggest medical-supply corporations, medicine makers and other firms profiting from the multi-billion healthcare industry, have been slow to truly make their mark online, despite being sharply IT-focused in so many other ways, according to a new report.


Upping the e-dosage


The report detailing the Internet-based activities of 25 multinational pharmaceutical companies reveals that their use of social media leaves much to be desired, considering how normalised the likes of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have become the new generation and in global society. Although many big companies may take some steps that have become common now like offering a regularly updated blog, oftentimes they neglect to take simple steps like providing local online presences in key markets. The study recommends that mega-firms take a look at their competitors and see what they’re up to online, and especially social media websites.


Getting a second opinion


To an industry that specialises in providing relief and peace of mind and body to people who may suddenly want to become instant experts in a particular disease or condition, many healthcare-related corporations have a surprisingly limited range of options when it comes to learning about what they offer. There’s no doubt that with a bit more attention applied to a fuller range of digital platforms, providers of services and those seeking them can find many more points of connection.


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