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Commuters in China are gliding through the air – four metres off the ground, to be exact – with the…

Commuters in China are gliding through the air – four metres off the ground, to be exact – with the greatest of ease, thanks to new facial-recognition technology that has been synched up with in the subway system in the north-central city of Yinchuan, bringing a degree of greater automation to the capital of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. Trial runs have run smoothly and are being heralded as one more example of Chinese industry and electronic potential. Engineers and government officials say more systems are expected to be introduced throughout the country. Guangzhou in southern China recently also rolled out smile-activated technology in a couple of metro stations in a pilot system that also shows promise of being able to be widely adapted.


Huawei rides high


Created by hi-tech transportations firm BYD in cooperation with China’s global telecom firm Huawei, Yinchuan’s metro system represents an exciting future of possibilities for the smartphone manufacturer, which stands at the forefront of a global revolution, in which Chinese IT technology continues to provide global leadership in innovative systems for digital marketing and sales automation.


A boon for advertisers


With needing to pay for tickets less of a chore and topping up all the easier, commuters will have more time to consider how to spend their income in a country rapidly becoming cashless. Coupled with e-business giant Alibaba opening mega-shops using similar facial-recognition technology to make financial transactions smoother in stores as well as online, the future is very much now when it comes to convenience for buyers and those who want to advertise products and services to travellers in a growing area of public places. Alibaba also recently opened its first store in Europe, as the firm continues making inroads into new markets in developed nations.


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