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Today’s hi-tech marketing world brings deep, renewed meaning to this timeless expression.


Innovation and its nemesis, disruption, have found dramatic new ways to change so much of our increasingly IT-infused world. This is a symbiotic dance of new systems with the new realties that can rapidly render these systems obsolete. This relentless pace of technological change is particularly acute when it comes to the need to make sense of and market these very products and services that may end up having rather short shelf lives. But effectively addressing such challenges is possible with timeless values like integrity, balance, flexibility and the eagerness to learn.


Marketers need to stay in constant touch with their inner techie in order to effectively decipher the details of countless products and services regularly coming out and appealingly describe them to consumers, whom themselves are increasingly segmented into smaller subgroups with varying interests and incomes. Creative sorts in PR firms can no longer just outsource the dissemination of the content they create to others.


It’s no longer enough for businesses and those who promote their key messages, to simply create the next big thing. Great new products and services, if they are to be effectively dispersed, now more than ever need an adaptive, multifaceted PR team willing to go digital native, and find the right blend of social media posts, effective use of influencers and ability to stay up-to-date on a world awash with chatbots and algorithms.


The more the way products are made and marketed, the more these new systems themselves are also likely to end up evolving. And yet there’s never a replacement for an intrinsically human attachment to a good story – and the ability to tell one.


Staying state-of-the-art is essential. So is spinning an epic tale like a storyteller enthralling an audience gathered around a campfire.


A blog like this that begins with a truism can end with another when it comes to the need to the essence of grabbing and sustaining attention: the more things change, the more they stay the same.


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