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In our IT-driven, increasingly couch-potatoey world, there’s nothing quite so feel-good as a story promoting something – anything – that gets people up and moving. Especially when it comes to spurring today’s oft softer, sedentary youngsters across cultures and continents to take timeouts from their e-lifestyles.


In the US, the market for sports has mushroomed 55 percent since 2010 and points to the great marketing potential associated with youngsters having a grand old time, offline. At the same time, too many American kids are now listed on the sport of life’s inactive roster: the percentage of US adolescents classified as “inactive” leapt disturbingly from 20 percent in 2014 to 37 percent the following year. There are countless inspiring athletes and moments of drama more than worth sharing far and wide. Golf alone in the US, for example, generates just under $4 billion in the US for charity every year, accounting for 1% of all charitable donations in the country.


A touching sports story never fails to uplift, and remind so many of us why we got into our favorite sports in the first place. Beyond the complicated rules of the greater world and the familiar routines we encounter there every day, athletes have an uncanny ability to provide glimpses of the purest inspiration, and escapist, breathtaking add-ons for our memories reflecting, as Whitney Houston crooned in her hit song promoting the 1988 Summer Olympics, “one moment in time, when I’m more than I thought I could be”.


No matter if relayed in blogs, social media posts, or more traditional words and images, sports promotion yields win-win results for promoters and audiences reached. For every gossipy tabloid piece about athletes caught up in awkward off-court dramas, there are deeper storylines, and excitement reflecting the best of who we are.


Case studies show that promoting sports events is a win-win situation, bringing value to readers, PR storytellers and the athletes captured in moments of testing trials, sacrifice, the drive to succeed, and other wider lessons that sports so movingly convey so much of time.


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