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Buyers’ options grow as communication channels proliferate

The tipping point is coming for online shopping, from England to Thailand and beyond, led by the mass assemblage and channeling of big data like never before. It’s a windfall for tech-savvy firms and their marketers. Customers stand to benefit greatly as well, with many new products and services coming to be sold online.


Dominoes delivers KPIs


A clear example of the trend is online food ordering, from groceries to the updated version of the classic call-up-for-home-service success story: pizza delivery. Dominoes UK has gone online in a big way, from when it first started accepting orders by telephone in 2010 to taking the biggest slice of the pie by 2018. Last year the pizza lay claim to over half the market share tally. Today, over four-fifths of Dominoes’ pizza orders in the UK are digital; most of these purchases coming from smartphone apps.


Many roles, many communication methods


The rise of big data and increasingly sophisticated SEO specs and outcomes means more people have access to more info in shorter amounts of time. The lines between content and marketing have blurred. These messages are spread more of a matter of appropriate positioning, to ensure your message is being read, heard and shared on multiple platforms, in compelling ways and of appropriate length and tone, for maximum effect. Activate and amplify information so that it gets noticed. Everyone’s a publisher, buyer and potential influencer in a PR world where multiple hats and switching roles has been normalized.


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