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Getting the right fit and other adventures in retail

Stores are upping their IT game to entice customers into the buying process, and to help keep the in-store shopping experience relevant in a world online. Nike recently unveiled the Reactland VR video game in the iconic brand’s New York flagship branch. Potential buyers can strap on a pair of Epic React Nikes and run on a treadmill, as they watch an avatar of them with footwork synched to their own navigating a virtual environment on a big screen, for the entertainment of all in the store. The CGI settling allows you to test drive a pair of Nikes in a challenging environment.


Be your own tailor


Clothiers may have to turn more to such strategies if new tailoring technology proliferates. The prototype Size-Stream Scanner uses 10 sensors and takes just a few seconds to know the shape of you. The technology has improved vastly in recent years, and is complemented by the spread of big data and array of opportunities to spend more money in fewer clicks. The surprise factors involved with trying on shirts and trousers could soon be a thing of the past. Outfittery takes things a step further by using 20 algorithims based on the ideas of some 600,000 consumers to offer not only outfits that fit to a tee, but sage fashion advice on colors and styles based on your personality profile. Armed with detailed tech specs, buyers be free to order clothing (and style advice) with greater confidence with just an Internet connection.


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