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Great PR potential in an Internet minute

Big data number crunchers have come through with an impressive snapshot of Internet life, rendered almost comprehendible by slicing and serving the online world up in one-minute slices. And it’s still a lot to digest. Digital marketers, take pause and consider what’s happening on a world gone online, and the potential for messages placed with the right audiences.


Billions and billions – messages, photos, and more screen moments


Just a few transactions shy of $100,000 spent across online shopping platforms. More than a million Tinder swipes. Googling over 3.8 million times for searches of all kinds. That’s what’s happening on the Internet every 60 seconds, on average. And that’s just for starters. The numbers are difficult to make sense of in there enormousness. Trends are towards even more Internet activity compared to last year, although there are some slower patches.


The websites we’ve welcomed into our lives


Netflix is on a tear, growing from 266,000 Netflix hours watched last year on average in a minute if you added them all up, to 694,000 this year. The number of emails sent every minute, while huge, only nudged upwards, from last year’s 187 million emails a minute to 188 million this year. Long-time video provider YouTube is experiencing slow growth as well, trickling up from 4.3 million viewers every minute last year to 4.5 million served in 2019. Meanwhile, the Great Snap Letdown of 2018 led to a decline of one-three million uses on the formerly rising application, who were displeased with a redesign that lacked mass appeal. It’s an online numbers game of great proportion, and the stakes are growing by the minute.


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