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A career in public relations often springs from a passion for making connections, and the ability and interest in reaching out and socialising and prioritizing friendships. Although those naturally inclined to marketing may not have been top sportspeople or academic overachievers in their school days, they had a knack for getting – and staying – in the loop.


Relating to people


Even though the stakes are higher, those who make the natural shift into specialising in public relations are essentially just elevating their natural talent to a higher level, where profits are to be made and customers can become better informed of the products and serves that are a part of daily life. The focus may involve pitching contracts and sealing deals, but forging and keeping human relations remains the most essential quality and comes from being a people person.


Know your worth


Deciding what you want to charge is a key issue. Be firm, but flexible to a degree, and know what the going rate is so you can market yourself accordingly and reflective of what you can deliver. And make sure to back up your promises with a solid team. At the very least, this means a good graphic designer, plus a writer skilled in presenting just the right message to the clients you’ll need to impress and in turn your firm will share impressive stories about. Make sure to keep your accounts in order as well and have someone who will remind you of and track expenditures and expected ROI.


Stay the course


Failure is endemic to start-ups. When initial numbers don’t seem to add up as you thought they would, don’t worry, and experiment with a few tactical shifts. Just remember the most important thing – selling yourself – and stay focused, as all it takes is one strong contact and breakout success you can use as a case study, to help you stand out in a field that’s all about being noticed.


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