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What mood we’re in affects a lot of things, from the quality of our work to physiological aspects of all…
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What mood we’re in affects a lot of things, from the quality of our work to physiological aspects of all kinds, to numerous factors related to what we buy and how much money we’re willing to part with when caught up in the passion of the moment. Throwing caution to the wind financially when we’re in touch with our feelings has been thoroughly analyzed in a new report, the first of its kind.


Biometrics for public relations


The study of 900 people confirm how our purchasing decisions are affected by times when we get caught up in of elation, sadness, or the need to escape. Outlets are needed. When people reach out with their heart, they have an increased likelihood of finding their wallet. Sales of all the products tracked in the study experienced a surge of some kind. Everything from household cleaning products to snacks like potato crisps and even motor vehicles showed significant connections between emotions, brand value and content. While feelings of sadness were found to boost food and beverage sales over 15 per cent of the time, emotions involving some aversion or disgust boosted sales of detergents and related cleaning products by over 10 per cent, while cars benefited from feelings associated with adventure.


A boon for marketers


Neuroanalytical lab research tested and found strong associations between a chase scene in one TV show and signage for an all-terrain vehicle, and another fictional scene involving a tender moment between a mother and child. The adage “you are what you read” checks out in terms of the content we take in related to purchasing decisions. Advertisers would do well to take note and, with new confidence, place their products in places where they’ll always thought to have maximum effect.


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